Maui Tikitiki a Taranga

Tikitiki Maui a Taranga

This is where his name Maui-Tikitiki-o-Taranga (Maui, who was wrapped in the knot of Taranga) came from. p?tiki-tikitiki ("M?ui the upper knot"); M?

ui-tikitiki-a-Taranga ("M?ui the upper knot of Taranga"); M?ui-p?tiki ("M?ui the last born"). Tikitiki Maui a Taranga ("Maui formed in the topknot of Taranga") was a demigod found in the tribal myths of the New Zealand people M?ori

Legend of Maui Tikitiki-O-Taranga - His quest for his sis Hina

Ara-Whaki and his spouse Taranga had five sons: It was his mom who first tied him in the knot. At a congregation of dancer and musician where his mom and siblings were. He made his brethren envious because their mom poured her over Maui.

Mom disappeared every single second. He turned into a dove and followed his mum until he came to a new light coloured place and was sitting there on a canopy. All the people of this new realm exclaimed: "He Rupe, he Rupe! "and everyone started throwing rocks at him.

Then he fluttered to the floor, but behold, as they held him, he turned into a man, and his mum introduced him to his sire. Maui' turning into a dove. Then Hina went down and did as she was commanded, and behold, Ira-waru her man replied to her call and shouted: "Hao, hao, hao, hao!

Hina, when she found this heinous act, killed herself by plunging into the troubled sands. He was weeping and longing for his prodigal sibling, and being eaten up with sorrow, he went to Rehhua, the goddess who dwelt in the tenth heaven. "Maui-mua, who turned into a dove, followed his silent journey through the ten skies to the home of Hina, his sisters.

Hina, after she threw herself into the ocean, was shaken by the ripples for many long hours, and she was driven to Motutapu by the breeze. As a result, Hina was mistreated by the other women. At the same epoch Maui ended up on the windowsill of Tinirau's building, where all the crowd shouted: "He Rupe, he Rupe ("a dove, a dove") and they began to cast sabers.

But" Rupe" evaded all javelins, and then he turned into a man and thus revealed himself to his sisters, whom he took with him into the tenth heaven to thank the Supreme Being. Now Rehhua had a boy, Kaitangata with a name, who was in love with Hina.

When Maui was constructing a Kaitangata cesspool, he used Whaitiri's guard easily, so that when Kaitangata seized the guard, he was unrooted and he, who fell over the rock, was kill. Therefore he calls - even today - when a Maori sees the blood-red sky in the western hemisphere, "Ka tuhi Kaitangata" ("See, the smeared Kaitangata blood").

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