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The news from is important for Maui. A blessing ceremony for the brand new canoe of Maui Now in cooperation with the Pacific Cancer Foundation.

Construction 2018 | Maui property

The purchase of new buildings on Maui is different from the purchase of resale real estate. As some of the development work is not included in the MLS, it is very important to work with a competent Maui REALTOR that is adapted to the latest development work on the Isle. Being a real estate agent with a degree in architecture and professional expertise in Maui, I am pleased to offer professional and skilled buyer representatives for any developers or resellers on the Mall.

Here is a brief overview of new products and custom-made products on Maui. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly to get the complete listing and to talk about which new building option is best suited for you. The building has already begun. Breathtaking sea vistas paired with roomy Lanai's make the perfect Maui indoors and out.

Kapalua Cove - Kapalua $3M+ (picture) 2009 finished and facing the Kapalua Cove sand dunes, the residences at Kapalua Cove provide a luxury Maui way of life. Three and four-room apartments are among the biggest condominiums in Maui and have been designed to maximise their viewing capabilities to include the extra-large Lanai.

The Residences at Kapalua has taken over local leadership from the renowned Montage brands, offering unbelievable conveniences to residents and visitors, such as two swimming pools, restaurants and catering facilities. Lahaina $600K+ (image) The eagerly awaited Kahoma Village will comprise a series of 203 sessions that will run throughout the 21st century.

It will be a mixture of terraced houses and single-family houses with a focus on accessible highways. Underlining this all-new design is a fantastic walk from Baby Beach and World Famous Front Street. The groundbreaking ceremony and the groundbreaking ceremony has started. The first houses are due for completion in summer 2018.

Wailuku $600K+ Brand new detached houses in a proposed Maui Lani Parkways at Maui. Houses are phased out by the client. Kehalani's Ke Alohilani - Wailuku $600K+ Alohilani is an 88-person home fellowship in the masterfully designed Kehalani neighbourhood on the airy and luxuriant hillsides of Wailuku.

Alohilani is situated in a favourite place for new accommodation on Maui and offers an excellent panorama view of the port of Kahului, the northern shore and the magnificent mountain Haleakala. The Alohilani will have four single-family floors, ideal for those looking for open three- and four-bed rooms. The building is in progress and some houses are already finished.

Some of the building have already been finished. Kehalani Kamani near Kehalani - Wailuku $500K+ Great downtown position in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Kehalani. Camani will be offering coupled houses with closed 2-car car parks and privately owned closed courtyards. There are three one-of-a-kind layouts with an internal area of 1,425 - 1,465 sqm.

The building work has begun and can be finished.

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