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Obtain a free Maui Travel Planner Guide. Hawaii's second largest island, Maui, is perhaps the most idyllic of all tropical islands. Use this Maui guide to plan your Maui vacation. Guidebook for South Maui with the areas Kihei, Wailea and Makena. I' m putting together a Maui guide, as I promised.

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My Maui has a really unique place in my life because my whole household has a time share there, and we've been leaving every year since I was 10. It is the ideal Hwaiian isle and in my view the best because it is an even mix of city and wild. I' ve also been to Oahu and Kauai, and both are more extremist views of the city and the countryside.

Considered the best place for families with many different kinds of activity for all age. We have timeshares in Kaanapali, so I will focus mainly on this area and the city of Lahaina, with opportunities for excursions to islands such as the Haleakala Vulcano and the Hana-Strait.

Things to do in Maui: Snorkelling equipment is usually rented from Boss Frogs for $6/day and you can go snorkelling right in front of all Kaanapali Resort. There are many boating trips you can make and lunches are provided on the boats. and it was fantastic.

We had a nice picnic in Molokini AND Turtle Town and a BBQ with an open BBQ luncheon. Get to a luau: Now, this is something I definitely don't do every year because they are costly, but if you've never been to Hawaii, it's a must! Luau will usually have a richly varied evening meal, followed by local luau music.

It' good to know that not all Luauses will have the fire show, as this is a technical way a polynese custom, not Hawaiian. Lahaina is the only Lau that holds on to its origins in Hawaii is The Old Lahaina Lahain. I' ve made this sucker a few time and it is really great. The Royal Lahaina Lahau has $76 per person, and for each child pass you receive a free child one.

You should make plans for an early departure so that you do not get bogged down in the bus or coach later in the morning. It is an island city on the east side of Maui. You can get there by taking the Hana Hwy, a 52 miles long twisting street that leads you through verdant, luxuriant woods along the sea rocks and provides various hiking stations.

I' d suggest buying a guide to do this, whether it's typed or sound, as some of the strokes are easily overlooked. Please use a swimsuit and take a bathrobe with you, as many of the stations are walks to falls and swimming in them. It is possible to travel by yourself or to hire a coach to meet you at your accommodation.

We' ve reserved the trip so we don't have to go half awake when they come to get you around 3am. We had a great morning meal, which was great. If you' re possessed by whales like me, Maui is the place to see them! The whaling seasons in Maui are from November to May.

As part of the revenue is used to protect the oceans and whales, I like to book with the Pacific Cetaceans. Lahaina, Front Street: From Kaanapali, Lahaina a few minutes by car has tonnes of restaurants and shops for clothes, jewellery and souvenirs. This is a great place to have an genuine Hwaiian luncheon!

It has a beautiful view for dinner, as you are quite close to the sea. From Kaanapali, a fast ride. There is so much more to do in Maui, but some of the best mai tai are simply spend on the water! As I said, this guide concentrates on the stay in the Kaanapali region.

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