Maui Hawaii Tours

Hawaii Maui Tours

Maui, home of the Molokini atoll, the best snorkeling destination on the islands, serves as a humpback whale sanctuary in winter. Learn to snorkel, dive or windsurf while feeling the Hawaiian spirit. Lahaina ports, Kahului Cruise passengers and hotel guests. Offering private adventure and excursion trips in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. It is not for nothing that Maui is called the Magic Island.

Maui Hawaii Tours

Offering cruises and land trips include insular tours, helicopter tours and snorkelling on catamarans, personal snorkelling and insular tours, historic tours, yachting, and more! With our experience, travel agencies can help you get the most out of your trip to one of Hawaii's islands.

We' ll make sure that this is the most pleasant and unforgettable stop on your cruise to the wonderful islands of Hawaii. Maui' s famous for: Mayi no ka oi is the top of the list, which means that Maui is the best or not equivalent to Maui, and for goodness sakes. When you have a high degree of distress, it falls off on arrival on Maui.

The Maui is full of unparalleled and unique nature. Surprisingly, over 25% of the sea is nowhere else in the whole Maui area. There is no other place like Maui. Now at rest, the volcanic giants Haleakala overlooking the Maui countryside provides the best growth environment for the growth of tropic plants, delicious fruit, luscious fruit, luscious fruit and stunning expanses of land.

Tour the Maui Islands and discover the unbelievable flavours and aromas of this exceptional isle. Catamaran snorkelling adventure cruises can take you snorkelling in the half-moon form of Molokini, a semi-submerged craters forming a natural protected cove, and also to Turtle Town, a protected area for the Hawaii Green Sea Turtle.

The Maui is the first address for our humpback whale expedition in the Humpback Whales during the summer season (15 December - 15 April) and offers you the opportunity to experience these magnificent creatures at first hand during an adventure on a catamaran in the afternoons. When you book your own Hawaii Land Trip, you not only saves your own cash, but you also have the opportunity to take one-of-a-kind and varied trips, small groups, individual routes and the liberty and know-how to go on your own.

The Hawaiian Shore Exursions is not only specialized in cruise ships, but also in hotel travelers, Hawaiian condominiums and timeshare resorts. As representatives of the best independant providers, we will inform you first hand about each trip we are offering and we will only suggest the trips that best suit your harbour time and the position of your hotel and apartment.

If you want to see the islands of Oahu, Maui, Big Iceland and Kauai, our Hawaii experts can help you planning an unforgettable outing. Join us and enjoy the real flavours of Maui on The Taste of Maui Iceland Tour. Maui is the best place to grow tropic flower, delicious fruit, luscious fruit, luscious grapes, vines and stunning views of almonds.

Savour an astonishing trip through Maui and try some of the freshest Hwaiian food during your trip. The Hawaii is one of the most important habitat for the splendid hunchback whale. Each year, about two third of the North Pacific males ('humpback whales' are estimated to number between 4,000 and 10,000) move to the hot shores of Hawaii to breed, carry and care for their cattle.

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