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Fifteen Maui Shore Excursions Few things are as exciting as entering the harbour of Maui with a stunning cruiser - and few things are as pleasant as getting out to enjoy yourselves. If you are on a Pride of America, Princess Cruises, Carnival, Norwegian Lines or any other boat that chooses Maui as one of its stations, you know that your holiday on the Valley Isle is an absolute highpoint.

However, it can be hard to decide how to spent your valuable holiday on the islands between retreating to a nice sandy spot and walking through a spectacular rain forest. In this sense, here are the 15 best ways to enjoy Maui's beauties - and why you should make an advance booking to jump on one of these Maui outings: the Maui Land Excursions:

You have risen over the ocean; now it is to go to heaven. Explore another level of Maui - quite literally with the Maui Zipline Company. Situated on the Maui Tropical Plantation - only fifteen minutes by car from the port of Kahului - this 1. 5-2 hours trip drives up into the skies adventuresome ghosts, while spectacular vistas wind their way under them.

Featuring 5 adjacent zip lines, 300-900 ft. away, Maui Zipline offers stunning vistas of the world-class insular scenery and stunning vistas of the West Maui Mountains. Would you like to absorb as much of Maui's heat as possible? Located at the end of South Kihei in Wailea, it offers fascinating vistas of the surrounding isles and Maui's own Pu'u Olai.

On the western side of the shore there is grass for anchoring on shore (cooler, handrobe, and book), while the sea is clear enough to surf under. There are two restaurants - 5 palm trees and Sarento's - on the beaches, while Zack's Deli and General Store at Mana Kai offer everything from curried chickens to delicious cuisine.

Explore a whole new side of the Valley Isle on a Maui waterfall and a walk through the rainforests. The five to six hour East Maui's walk leads the visitor into a blooming tropical jungle with cascades, fresh water basins, vulcanic racks and an impressive islandfora. Unafraid travellers (and those with more time) can take an all-day Hana walk - along with a full trail into a wood of trees - or an outing to the Haleakala Crater to immerse themselves deeply in Maui's splendour.

On the one side the Pacific and on the other the Western Maui Mountains shimmer with fruitfulness. Kaanapali Beach's western end park - part of the beautiful sands, bordered by shiny resort and with a town of food and drink. There is no better way to be one with the natural world than to ride a horses - especially if this equestrian leads you to some of the most untouched parts of the islands.

Scour Maui' s head money in a different way by reserving a reservation at Mill House. Decorated with historic memorabilia, the light restaurant overlooks the Maui Tropical Plantation, the West Maui Mountains, a duck-land and hectare of islands, plants and flower. While you are there, see number 1 above about zip line.

You can be sure when the times are not on your side: The Maui helicopter tours give brave travellers the opportunity to decide which parts of the islands they would like to see, whether they hover over the world's biggest resting vulcano (Haleakala) or hover over the rain forests of Hana. Do you have more work?

Contemplate a journey that does two things and leads you to the luxuriant, enigmatic Molokai Isle. Just a brief car ride from Kahului Harbour, King Kamehameha Golf Club offers breathtaking vistas of the Maui coast and volcano summit, while its club house, based on a draft of the only Marilyn Monroe, is the ideal place to have a drink and browse these crusade snaps.

It is a great opportunity for groups to explore Maui's snorkelling paradise Molokini. Tailor-made canfts and a nice cruising boat so that you and your family can enjoy more sailing fun. Grand Wailea - an lush seaside retreat on the southern shores of Maui - has a beautiful complex (including a gothic temple with glazed window and swimming pool that seem to go for miles) and one of the most beautiful luauses on the isle.

You can also find many other luau in Maui. The Maui is a view of the country and the see - but what about under the seabed? Located off the shores of the West Maui River, Maui Submarine Tours immerses the visitor under the Pacific where a series of sparkling creatures - among them eel, tortoises and stingrays - sparkle in the crystal clear water.

Amusing, learned personnel give comments and lectures (consider it food for upcoming quiz games) and give visitors the opportunity to see a recreation of one of Maui's most notorious ships. It is perhaps home to some of the most amazing sea creatures in the world: spinner dolphins, humpback whales and monk seals - but it is also home to a variety of subclimates that are a complete journey to explore.

Discover them on your own with a Maui-Biketour. For the best biking trips call (808) 892-3177. Experience the power of the Pacific Ocean on the southern shores of Maui with a personal windsurfing session with an experienced group of surfers who will strengthen your surfers. One-to-one lessons take you away from the crowd and to some of the softest and biggest surges on the islands.

There is a good cause why this area of Maui is celestial: it is known as the "Heavenly Region": Capture the high points with Valley Isle Excursions, a travel operator that knows the most rare and wonderful gemstones of Eastern Maui.

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