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Activities in Maui. With Maui, you'll surpass all your dreams of the perfect holiday destination. Famous as the Valley Isle, Maui Holidays offer some of the most beautiful sights of the world. Maui was unexpectedly chosen among the top destinations by the travel planning and booking page TripAdvisor. Accompany us on the best Maui snorkeling tour and snorkel on Maui's top snorkeling spots.

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The Molokini is one of only three vulcanic caldera in the whole worid. Situated just a few leagues off Maui's coast, it is Hawaii's only sea reserve. The Turtle Town is a distinctive range of submerged washboat formation formed long ago by the eruption of U-boat volcanos and home to a great diversity of colourful tropic fishing and other distinctive sea creatures.

The picturesque seaside area of Olowalu on the western side of the island of Maui is home to one of Hawaii's most spectacular canyons. The Coral Gardens is situated in a natural sheltered cove on Maui. One of the best places to go snorkelling, visitors can discover the submarine fauna and observe a variety of sea creatures.

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Maui, Hawaii is a true paradise where the blue ocean encounters kilometers of splendor. Well, exquisitely is its scenery, Maui has been in Conde Nast Traveler many a time as the best island. Haleakala National Park protects Maui's habitat such as falls, streams and game. That is one of the main reason why Maui seduces many people to its magic ambience and its breathtaking characteristics.

It' a place where it seems as though times are standing still and where you can really indulge in the luxury of being. Maui is the second biggest of Hawaii. You' ll be able to see a true 3-D view of the many types of aquatic tropics that adorn the ocean by snorkelling or turtle-fishing.

Maui' s water ways also provide an exciting view of the behaviour of humpbacks in their habitat. There are many places of interest for those who want to experience the culture of the islands legacy. Lahaina is a trip into Maui's past with the preservation of important collection such as the Wo Hing Temple and Hale Paahao.

The ideal place to see how Maui makes his renowned bulbs and to taste the delicious flavours of the botanic garden's delicious aroma. There are fashionable stores and fashion stores along the tropics, crowded with traditional local memorabilia. The Maui Crafts Guild has a wealth of crafts such as jewellery, basketwork and pottery.

ABC shops also offer visitors the chance to enrich their trip with genuine Hawaiian speciality wares. Furthermore, restaurants offer panorama view, great food and Maui' s brand cocktails and delicacies. Maui' s gastronomic festivals are fantastic. Maui' s uses the fresh produce harvested from the island's courtyards, orchards and water.

Whatever you wish, the eating pleasure of Maui will delight every gourmet. Throughout the year Maui enjoys comfortable temperature, but the leewards are known to be dryer than the wind. Finding your way around Maui is quite practical. Trave Plaza Transportation offers trips to the amazing sights of Maui.

Lahaina Lanai ferry is a luxurious means of transport between Maui and Lanai. The best way to experience Maui's lush landscapes and atmosphere, however, is a pleasant walk along the small paths.

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