Maui Brothers

The Maui brothers

Moana' shows that Maui was bald - and the heroine had six brothers. And Maui had four brothers who were all impressive fishermen. Maui was not good at fishing but wanted to try to prove his brothers wrong. The Maui brothers were experienced fishermen and saw his abilities as very flawed. Incapable of contributing to the daily catch, he often stole his brother's fish.

Moana' unveils that Maui was balding - and the character had six brothers.

Maui, the half god, did not once have the pretty curls of hairdos he is proud to show in Disney's Moana. Maui ( "The Rock" Johnson by Dwayne) is a bare heroes, often with face-staining. The directors Ron Clements and John Musker point out that Maui's flawless coat was one of many important changes in the history that took place during the five-year trial to bring Moana to the canvas.

Auli' i Cravalho's Heroine Moana also dropped a breed of fraternal figures, while a rogue eight-eyed batsharacter significantly shortened his display times. Sometimes you leave the course for a while," Clements says about changes in history. "Maui' was hairless for so long, it was a little difficult to put a coat around him the first it was.

I can' t believe he's hairless now. Hairs were definitely the way to go." Whilst the baldness of his gaze was attractive, Polish culture consultants working with Disney pointed out that the abundant coat of their iconic Maui was critical to his "mana" (spiritual energy). At the end both of them believe that it is a much better Maui look.

"Maui' s bragging and daffodil gave him a little help with the way he turned his hair," says Musker. Face tats have been removed to show Maui's face on-screen. An outrageous enemy in Maui's legend, the eight-eyed bat figure was made as part of a group of super villains (including a huge eel) who joined forces in early narrative editions and rebelled against the Demi-God.

"Surely an eight-eyed bite would be a real talent for animation," says Clements. However, as the plot grew thicker, the little tubby vanished from all but ephemeral moments, such as when Maui turned him into a basket ball during the You' re Welcome album. Also a group of eight-eyed monkeys storm past Moana and Maui.

Moana, the young heroin, was not always the only kid to be seen on the screen. There were six brothers, one of them a sibling who tortured her and another who was sage and supporting. Moana was the best of her brothers in these editions, but still overseen by her dad, Chief Tui. "It got a little confused in the shuffle," says Musker, who says that editing these figures made the storyline easier and more efficient.

"How many things about animation, the tale keeps evolving."

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