Matava Resort Kadavu Island

Kadavu Island Matava Resort

The city of Matava is located on the southeast side of the island overlooking the world-famous Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. The Kadavu Dive Packages, the Fiji Islands at Matava Resort, the Great Astrolabe Hideaway. The Matava Resort is an intimate eco-dive with its dive boat that makes double dive trips to the dive sites along the Great Astrolabe Reef and Manta Dive. The Matava Resort is located on Kadavu Island, which requires a domestic flight from Nadi International Airport. We had a great time in Matava, where we could snorkel both from the dive boat and near the resort, where manta rays were a highlight.

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The Matava Eco-Adventure Resort & Spa offers a view of the world-famous Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. 10 lodging offices, evenly divided between Honeymoon and Oceanview, are located in intimate backyards just a few walking distance from the resort's central office area. It encourages involvement with the community and visitors can enjoy cascade hikes, accompanied hikes, kayaking, visiting villages and experiencing the culture of the area.

The Matava is a real eco-resort, which gets its electricity and warmth from the sun. A large ecological farmyard provides the hotel every day with fruits and veggies and even honeys from the gardens. There are two game fishing boats in the resort - a 23-foot skip and a 31-foot flybridge game fishing vessel.

although our politics is to identify and disclose all the billfishes, fishermen often fetch some of their catches home for guests in order for visitors to be able to enjoy freshwater catches, ministered at supper on the home burette patio. Honmoon offices are located in an exquisite part of the resort area with king-size cots, floor-to-ceiling window, shiny wooden flooring and spectacular privacy across the Laguna and barriere-ribbon.

Matava's PADI 5 Star MADI Fish Divecentre runs two large tailor-made scuba vessels and brings scuba and snorkel passengers every day to the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef's luxurious scuba-zone. Scuba diver make two mornings with one hours break before they return to the resort for noon.

One of the diving spots is the manta ray where you can almost certainly see manta ray. Outside the resort is a protected sea area with great snorkelling. Snorkelling excursions to the Great Astrolabe Barrier Red are also available. Sport-fishing Have a half/full days of sport fishing with Bite Me Gamefishing Charters on board your 30ft off-shore centersole Sport-fishing Ship.

Canoeing & Trekking Take advantage of accompanied seakayaking rides or accompanied hikes and bird watching walks through the bus. Every day you can savour a delicious main course breakfastbuffet with fruits, muesli, homemade cupcakes and much more, as well as the surprising meal of the head cook, which is perhaps an old favorite (French Toast, Banana Bread or Eggs Benedict) or a unique creations based on the freshness of our locally grown cuisine.

Enjoy mouth-watering toucos, lightweight sun-dried sundried potato noodle lettuce and focacia loaf or perhaps a mouth-watering piece of tomatoes and maize covered with organically grown spices and sauerkraut. Serve with lettuce, home-made bakery and handpicked fruit. Dining in Matava is really an adventure where we will try to convince you with our latest and best culinary delights from our gardens.

On a daily basis, we bring daily groceries and products from the biological gardens and the cuisine goes to work to make recipes from the ground up, roll up noodles by hands and present only the best pieces of meats and the fresest cuisine. The Matava Eco-Adventure Resort has a large bio-farm and provides the ideal excursion for pairs and groups to experience a specialised, wholesome, organic nutrition with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free feed.

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