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Find out more near Matamanoa Island Resort. The Matamanoa Island Resort has been merged with this site. Articles about Matamanoa Island Resort. The only secluded adult resort on the breathtaking island of Matamanoa, it has powdery white sand in a lush tropical landscape. Booking airport and port transfers to Matamanoa Island Resort, Matamanoa Island, Mamanuca Islands.

Matamanoa Island Resort, Matamanoa

4 -star Matamanoa is a privately owned adult island resort in the gorgeous Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. There is something for everyone with only 46 rooms, 33 of which have their own diving pool, pavilion and daily beds as well as outside-shower. Do a lot or do nothing and just enjoy one of the lovely Matamanoa sands.

Playing golf, sailing, kayaking, diving, visiting the town or other island and dining under the star. Snorkell directly from the sea in Matamanoa's Sea Reserve, or enjoy a relaxing spasession in the beautiful treetop seaside spas.

Testimonials Matamanoa Island Resort

Filippo and I came to Matamanoa on my 56th anniversary. Well, we were falling in Love with the Isle when we got there. It is a true paradise. We were both filled up with the beautiful scenery of the Isle and the tranquillity. Thanks to Mele, Emma, Trevor and all the Matamanoa co-workers.... we felt like a part of your whole team.

Matamanoa Resort employees are very kind and inviting right from the beginning. Prettiest little isle with nice people. All the comforts, meals and services are right with the others. I and my buddy stayed a whole weekend at Matamanoa Iceland Resort and it was the best one!

It is beautifully located and the employees were very kind, supportive and offered 5 stard. Mamamanoa is a small isle full of adventures, free everyday activity, loving and laughing. For honeymoons and pairs we recommend this isle. All about Matamanoa was excellent! The entire personnel is anxious to help you.

The meal was delicious....the nighttime conversation was great...the day-to-day activity was great to participate in. It'?s such a lovely little place, lovely folks. Many thanks to all employees who took care of us. and we spent 11 night on the isle in villa 11. It was a great experience, the personnel was very kind and the meals, especially the shellfish, were tasty.

It' a nice place and a great place to unwind. I' m definitely going back to the isle. It' the most beautyful place in the world. AAAA+: the site, the local population, the meals, the services. This is a very restful and quiet vacation on the islands. The personnel was great and the amenities were perfect for a restful vacation.

There is an outstanding menu on the islands, the meal was good, if you get half pension, then you get three course menus and breakfasts for supper, which was rewarding. The accommodation was great for a small islet and many different acitivities. It is a beautiful place to take a break and unwind with great views and clear water for snorkelling.

A big plus is the fact that it is an adult on the islands and the activity at the centre changes every single workingday. We were disappointed with the trip around the islands, but the sightseeing is very interesting to see how the natives lived the way they did the resorts room that was assigned to us had a little air conditioning issue, and the next morning they switched rooms.

As a small isle with few visitors, this is the place to chill out and recreate with visitors of different nations. There is not much to do, except to savour the warmth, warm welcome, enjoying the sea and the sun......&dining. I really loved my time in this wonderful place. The employees were very kind, inviting and sometimes very gifted.

Matamanoa's employees were great and did their best to help. Fiji employees complement the ambience with their warmness and kindness. This is a lovely place. We had a great run here. They had great personnel, the room and the situation were great! After a great stay on Matamanoa Island, first in a Boer on the beach and then in one of the newansions.

There is a beautiful living room, a couch, a spas and an outside showers, all of them great complments. All the employees were beautiful, with a smile and nothing was too much toil. We had a good meal with the welcome and farewell song during the meal and the last night at the Tischserenade, all with nice accents.

We will be happy to recall our stay on the islands and look forward to coming back. It was fun to have very effective personnel checking in to checkout. And the best part: No mosquitos on the isle. It was awesome. It was a good period and the wheather was great, a great place to just hang out and do very little.....

Dinner was sensible, just not a lot. Every morning in the afternoons there was a pleasant note and the personnel was very kind..... the massage was outstanding! Magnificent situation directly at the shore. Services a little bit more slowly than usually'fiji period' and eating usually - but you go to the place for the situation and do not let down.

But most employees are smiling but not getting involved. We had a great time on our honeymoon, thanks to Matamanoa people. Magnificent place in such a nice place on the world. Magnificent position, gorgeous crystalline waters, great opportunity to get away from your frantic life. There was nothing wrong to say about this was just great. a nice place and very nice personnel, the Boer was great.

Wonderful accommodation, the employees were very kind and always willing to help. Nice situation and landscape. The site of the resorts was difficult to surpass and the nearby cliffs about 1 km off the coast was a good area. FouOD on the Isle was definitely the doom.

In the second half of the times what was said on the meal, and what really came out were two totally different things, ie fry cheese with something on the side, it really came out and it was smoked cheddar with a fat coat or baby's eyes etc etc and it came out and was a tough graisly hardly even a butt, yet they still booty as it was a degree A baby's eyes.

The only remaining option on the isle is to either die of starvation or to accept the far below-average meals. BEVERAGES were also very expensive, sold on an isle, but since it is so inexpensive on the land, they could certainly be a little better competitor.

The next vacation where you want to relax and enjoy your vacation, we will go back to Bali. It was a wonderful place, the place was a wonderful place and I like the fact that you can just leave your room and go snorkelling on the cliff, and I think the next day we come to say hello to those reefs, we'll go to the coastline or somewhere on the shore.

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