Masters in Automotive Engineering

MSc in Automotive Engineering

You will find information on some of the well-known automotive programs here: Masters in Automotive Engineering programs in the United States. Engineering | Master's Program The aim of our Automotive Systems Engineering program is to impart know-how and engineering know-how in a broad spectrum of vehicle engineering fields to those of you who are interested in the automotive sector. The Automotive Systems Engineering program has been developed in collaboration with Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover.

So what makes this program different? Enrolment? Who should attend this program? The Automotive Systems Engineering program is designed for current or future developers. A diploma with distinction (2:1 or higher) or an equal foreign qualifications in a related engineering area. Candidates must have an English proficiency before they can be accepted into a course or program, whether or not their native tongue is English.

The objective of our Automotive Engineering program is to offer a wide and well-founded training in subjects relevant to automotive engineering. It is the goal of this course to help students in understanding how to conduct an extensive research within a systemic technical context and how to acquire computer program knowledge, communications abilities, scheduling abilities and an understanding of the importance of engineering in preparation for the engineering profession.

Introductory course in systems technology, in opposition to components technology, relevant for the automobile to-day. Subject and impartial measurements of the car power, period until velocity computation - gearbox effectiveness, equivalence of weight, start from standstill, rotational revolutions, shift times, ratio layout, characteristic curves of fuels, use of CVT, stationary propellant economy, effect of motor model, Simulink simulated studies.

The Aerospace Engineering Department can help you build the capabilities and characteristics you need for a successful future. Most of our Automotive Systems Engineering alumni work in the field of industrial engineering, and are in demand from a large number of automotive manufacturers.

Those who wish to change their career are well prepared to work in various areas of the automotive sector. Once this program is successfully completed, you should be able to assess technical issues in a critical manner.

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