Marquesas Islands Vacation Packages

Packages Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands are the perfect place to build your holiday. Tahiti - Bora Bora - Moorea Tour with extension of the Marquesas. View our most popular packages today. in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia) and exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. There are a number of holiday options on the remote Marquesas Islands, including accommodation, flights, cruises, transport and activities.

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Aranui Tahiti Cruise Travel - Tahiti Aranui Cruise Vacation and Holiday Packages

Did you ever want to jump on a cargo ship into the South Seas? Now you can enjoy Aranui with the Aranui cruise - an attractive alternatives to the more luxurious cruising in and around Tahiti. Aranui 5 is a brandnew, ultra-modern deluxe cargo ship, which serves the Marquesas Islands and also transports people.

There is no other kind of boat trip that provides such an authentically Polish way of living. Aranui 5 provides luxury accommodation for 254 people. Delicious kitchen, a lounging room, a swimming pool, a fitness studio, 3 pubs and appealing open areas and a staff of welcoming polynese sailors will make your trip an memorable experience!

The Marquesas Islands by ship

The latest trend of this holiday: an unbelievable voyage awaits you on board the Aranui 5! In the true polynese traditions, this liner welcomes you on a trip full of discovery and magic meetings. Marquesas Islands, the country of men, the area of secrets and wonders of nature, is home to the most unbelievable stops on this route.

Mother earth and beauties are your everyday routines for this ageless holiday. Included in this pack is not :

Tahiti Marquesas Resorts

Marquesas or "Fenua Enana" or "Henua Enata" (land of men), as the Marquesans call their islands, lie about 1500 km northeast of Tahiti, near the equator (between 7 and 10 degree southern breadth and 138 to 141 degree western length). On an area of 1300 square kilometres the 12 islands are divided into two groups: the Nordmarquesas and the Südmarquesas.

Hanakee Hiva Oa Pearl is a natural Polynesia based camp with a view of Mount Temetiu (3903 feet) and breathtaking vistas of Traitorsay, the Bordelais Channel, the small Hanakee Islands and in the distant Tahuata islet. Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl is situated in a beautiful lush green park overlooking the cove and Taiohae town and the 50-step lower sandshore.

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