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Accommodation Marquesas Islands

Make the ideal city holiday arrangements with a range of hotels in the Marquesas Islands to suit all tastes. This is an interactive map of Marquesas Islands, accommodation and activities in and around Marquesas Islands. There are a number of holiday options on the remote Marquesas Islands, including accommodation, flights, cruises, transport and activities. Would you like to book one of these accommodations or plan further aspects of your holiday? Now you can book flights to the Marquesas Islands with the new, innovative mobile tool for Android or iPhone users.

Best Marquesas Islands Hotels from 2018 (with rates starting at £57)

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Guest houses and hostels in the Marquesas (Hiva Oa)

The Temetiu Town guesthouse, owned by Félicie and Gaby, is situated on the Hiva Oa archipelago, near the town of Atuona, on a hillside with a view of the bay of Tahauku. There are 6 cabins, each with its own en-suite bathrooms with warm showers, fans, TV and patio.

The Kanahau guesthouse is run by the kind Tania on the hills of the town of Atuona, with views of the harbour, cove and verdant Tahaukualley. Every apartment has its own en-suite bathrooms with warm running waters, TV, overhead ventilator and a roofed patio with a very beautiful panoramic views over the sea or the sea.

The Moehau relay is located at the entry to Atuona, 5 minutes by car from the tombs of Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel. There are 7 rooms in a large building, all with TV and ventilator, ensuite bathrooms with warmth. There is a large patio overlooking Temetiu Mountain, Traiters' Bay and Hanakee Cliff.

Relais Moehau's small crew will welcome you with cordiality and professionality and ensure a comfortable holiday on Hiva Oa. Hanakee Lodge, the only lodge on the islands, is located above the Verräterbucht with a magnificent view of the Temetiu mountain and will welcome you in the characteristic Marquesan atmoshere. The Hanakee Lodge is an inviting place to explore the "land of the people", from the interiors of the 14 cabins to the friendliness of the locals and the majesty of the area.

Just like the vocalist Jacques Brel or the artist Paul Gauguin, they fell under the fascination of Hiva Oa.

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