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The state-approved Maritime Licensing School of Hawaii. Courses & other institutions offering marine engineering, marine law, marine technical and maritime education and training for small vessels in Hawaii, USA. For more than two decades Unitek has been serving the maritime industry as a mechanical insulation company. ((HI) Polynesians sailing with wave patterns and stick cards reached the Hawaiian islands. Yound Brothers is an independent subsidiary of Foss Maritime Company.

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Hawai`i Maritime Centre was erected on the former boat house of King David Kalakaua. From 1988 to 2009, the Hawai`i Maritime Centre was the most important maritime research centre in the state of Hawai`i. Situated on Pier 7 of Honolulu Harbor just south of Aloha Tower, the centre was a Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop Muzeum site.

Hawai`i Maritime Center was erected on the former personal boat house of King David Kalakaua and housed the only four-masted full rigging in the whole wide globe, the Falls of Clyde. Clyde Falls were constructed in 1878 for the petroleum industries and are a national historical landmark.

The Hokule`a travel kayak, a science research ship of great importance for hawaiian civilization, was also attached to the Hawai`i Maritime Center. "Bishops' Museum Reduces Personnel, Hours: Reducing working time is a first for the Hawaii Institute.

Thessaloniki Maritime Center - Hawaii's Travel Guide)Hawaii Maritime Center, Oahu - Aloha Hawaii

The Hawaii Maritime Center is situated on Pier 7 in the port of Honolulu and contains a multitude of items depicting the maritime past of the islands, from Polish sailors and fishermen to today's navigational marvels. This two storey building is full of interesting artifacts that tell the story of windsurfing, canoeing, whale fishing, Hawaiian Boat Days and more.

Entrance to the centre involves the possibility of boarding the Falls of Clyde, the only remaining four-masted full rig in the canal. The Clyde Falls, constructed in 1878, were the biggest trading boat for sugars in Hawaii. Another historical boat anchored in the Hawaii Maritime Centre is the Hokulea, a twin-hull boat that has sailed through the North Atlantic triangle for more than a quarter cent.

Hokulea is considered an important icon for the revival of Hwaiian cultur. A further one-of-a-kind piece is a full frame of a moguls, which is hung in a dive location in the galery on the first level. Hawaii Maritime Centre is run by the Bishop Musuem, the country's biggest maritime heritage centre.

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