An accredited nurse with an extensive and diverse background in intensive care for adults, Ms. Mariano. Newest tweets from Mariano's (@MarianosMarket). VP Creative Director SS LATAM.


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The Mariano Rivera Foundation - Building a better future for today's young people

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Máriano Rivera joins the fight against the opioid.

With the support of the former MLB All-Star jug Mariano Rivera, a new piece of equipment will treat chronical pains with a low-frequency ultrasonic and is supposed to be a drug-free answer to the optoid war. "If I had had this game when I was still using it, I might have spent another three or four years playing," Rivera said in an FOX Business Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday.

Rivera, a 13-time all-star and five-time world champions who competed for the Yankees until 2013, has teamed up with NanoVibronix CEO Brian Murphy to advertise the PainShield, the portable unit designed to solve the cause of neural and soft-tissue pains - instead of mask it - by transferring a gradual ultrasonic.

Rivera got into it with the firm when his woman started to suffer from a back condition, he said, and when she tried the appliance her symptoms began to mend. He has since proposed it to President Trump as a new way of combating opioid dependence in the US. By 2016, overdose levels due to opioids had quintupled compared to 1999, and between 2000 and 2016 more than 600,000 persons were killed.

There is an annual daily dying rate of 115 Americans from overcans. The Trump proposal was to take action against pharmaceuticals firms and drugs traders - which includes the option of the capital punishment for drugs traders - to fight drugs abuse in the state.

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