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You can use this South Island map on your personal travel pages, your Facebook page etc. to show where you have travelled etc. New Zealand's South Island is characterised by magnificent, open landscapes and a great sense of freedom in the sparsely populated areas off the conurbations of Christchurch and Dunedin on the east coast.

New Zealand South Island

This is a 1:1,000,000 scaled map of the North Island of New Zealand (NZ). The map shows places of interest, touristic itineraries, hiking trails and the island's natural reserves. At the back are street plans of Christchurch, Picton, Nelson, Queenstown, Dunedin, Blenheim and Invercargill, suburban charts of Christchurch and Dunedin as well as charts of Fiordland, Kahurangi, Arthur's Pass and Aoraki Nat.arks.

Quarry Map of New Zealand - South Island

Both of the cards (North Island and South Island) have a dimension of 1200 x 850 mm and show significantly more than 550 active mines. On the map, the name of each mine and its owner is displayed, as well as the volume of output and the type of stone (if known). Rates are in New Zealand Dollar and excluding GST.

Maps Feedback - New Zealand Forum

Did anyone try to use Google to navigate in New Zealand, especially on the South Island? I' ve had some feedbacks about some other navigational applications, but I was asking myself how the Google Map work? In any case, I plan to buy a NZ ticket for South/North. There are two issues with Google in New Zealand:

Driving time is underestimating the real situation. It' great as a scheduling utility, but keep in mind that you're on vacation and want to stop for quick strolls, pictures, etc. so never expect to make a trip or a trip on Google Maps time. Google Maps only allows you to bypass toll roads, highways and ferryboats.

Cheers, Googleaps is the most precise for the daytime, as it uses user information to give travelling to you. I' m very specific. Secondhand Google Map in Australia. During our two-month stay, we found Google Map very useful, especially since you can work in off-line view.

In general, the journey time was exact, except in a few rare cases where there were many cars, especially campers and buses. And we also loved having a good hard copy card (ours was described as the "adventure card" and it was simple to choose some of the places we wanted to be.

OK, I didn't run it any further - Google Map expects you to be running at the maximum allowed speeds, so 81. We know that you cannot travel to Wanaka in less than 4 hours and most of our staff need 5-6 hours. It' got great topographic charts.

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