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Kauai Hawaii Map

Bring this detailed colorful road and relief map of Kauai Island to your next adventure off the beaten track on Hawaii's westernmost island. To see a graph of precipitation for a location, click on it on the map. Cauai - Oahu - Molokai/Lanai - Maui - Big Island. Road and satellite map of Lihue, HI of Google Maps. Have a look at the maps of Kapaa and the directions to Lae Nani Condos.

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Rock-jumpers, whalewatching, glass beach, boatie boards, ziplining, diving, chopper trips and a hundred other things offer possibilities for every fan! Peaceful strolls at dawn on the sandy beach, a calm sailing in the blue sea, a glas of vine on the terrace with a wonderful sundown - all this lets you take a deep breath - and soothe.

Celebrate the aromas of a Lauau, savour an exhibition of the arts by indigenous artisans, buy cool, cute rolls on the beaches, see a reenactment of a Hawaii Queen's trip, listen to the South Pacific show, just some of the city' s singular activities.

Kaua'i updated map of tsunamis evacuated zones

District officers said that Kaua'i Tzunami Emergency Map has been upgraded to replace the 90s map. Refreshed charts are derived from the latest technologies used by the University of Hawaii's bathymetric/oceanic soil map and computer-modelling at M?noa Cards are available on the county's website,, the website of the National Weather Service,, and in the latest issue of the Yellow Book on EmergencyReduction.

The multidisciplinary Kaua'i Civil Defense Agency (KCDA) formed a dedicated staff, which included disaster relief officers, first aid workers and a number of key players and professionals. "`Our project began with sophisticated flood computer modelling of UH M?noa. This information was used to forecast where the waters would go if some of the most devastating Kaua'i tidal waves were to occur," said KCDA Manager Glenda Nogami-Streufert.

"Based on this, the new escape areas with built-in buffer systems were designed and borders defined by road, geographical characteristics and/or land borders where possible. It noted that the upgraded charts do not aim to indicate where the waters would be flooded in the case of a tidal wave; they only show the areas that should be evaluated in the case of a thacion.

While significant changes have been made in a number of areas of emergency response, none of these have an effect on the tariffs for the inhabitants of the area. "FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has reassured us that updating the emergency management map will not have any effect on the FEMA coverage areas or the FIRMs," said Nogami-Streufert. The Mayor Bernard Carvalho, Jr. asks everyone to check the map update and exchange the information with their families and mates.

"Whilst the security and well-being of our nation is at the forefront of everything we do, catastrophe prevention starts with each and every one of us and their Ohana," said Mayor Carvalho. A number of other KCDA-administered activities are underway, such as the provision of tidal wave education material and community awareness-raising, tidal wave signs and siren armament.

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