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Pickled handcarved Hei-Matau Fishhook Bone Pendant Our Price: I posted an I'ble here about how to make a Maori hook. Verbatim hei matau means "fish hook pendant". He is Maori for "carry around the neck" and matau means "fish hook" or "hook". Polynesian necklaces for braided rope fish hooks.

high>wealth ~ wealth ~ fertility

A large part of theology of M?ori was seafaring - M?ori traversed the Pacific to find New Zealand (Aotearoa) in sailboats in order to outlive these long and perilous missions. According to tradition, New Zealand was once a giant catch of the great sailor Maui with a series of weaved vegetable fibres and a hook in his bones - so the hook, or Mauau, is crucial to our islands.

A Hei-Matau bearer is regarded as a supplier and guardian who is strongly willing and committed to be successful in the world. Hei-Matau has many different looks, from the real hook design to more decorative ones - just browse down and find your ideal Matau trailer.

Meori-hooks: Jewellery & Watches

Bajawaiian tripbal hook trailer. It is a beautiful handmade charms in handcrafted stem hook pattern. Plaited neckline in plaited neckline in silver with an adjustment knob..... Pendants and necklaces. Height: 3. 3.5.2 cm. Yak resin bone powder wax cord wooden beads. Trailer size: 32 51mm.

Fake Maori fashion jewellery unisex hook hook fake bones necklace jewellery unisex. Dimensions: hook trailer 4.5x3. 2cm, the cable can be adjustable up to 95cm, the shorter..... Decorated Maori styled fishing hook necklace. The natural white colour of the bones. Trailer size: 29 44mm. The Fishhook Boned Trailers stand for wealth, fullness, fruitfulness and power.

Trailer size: 29 44mm. Colour: Caucasian necklace, dark string. Material: Harz, wooden pearls, wax-cottoncords. To the Maori it stands not only for their country, but also for wealth, fortune, happiness and a secure crossing over canals. It is a beautiful handmade necklace made of nature white/buffalo bone in tradional fishhook-style.

Plaited crochet chain has an adjustment knob to set the collar..... Fishhooks Maori style bonecarving. The Maori considered the hook very important..... Bawaiian Fishhook turtle charm. It is a beautiful handmade charms made of nature knows-bones, in traditonal fishhook-style.

Plaited crochet chain with drawstring..... Hooks is a speciality wound with a naturally woven fabric string around the top and between the wooden hook and beef bones tip; 28 " long woven collar, adjustably Aceh Bamboo..... Pendants are 1. 75" string chain is 18".

Weigth: 15 g. (including Cotton n ecklace). 18"- 30" (adjustable). Pendants and necklaces. Mayor fishhooks. Article: Choker. Trailer size: 2. 21 x 3. 73 x 0. 33 cm. CHOCOAL BROWN COLOUR RESINS MAORI TRIBAL FREEDOM FISHTAIL FISHHOOK SYMBOL. This is a FABULOUS PIECE of jewellery.

Made of sterling silver and inlaid wood with Maori fishhook, this beautiful hand-cut pendant has a silver, highly polished and plain background of shiny wood. A beautiful, handcrafted, reversible rhodium over brass and inlaid wood pendant with a highly polished and plain finish.

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