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Maori fishing calendar has been used by Maori fishermen in New Zealand since ancient times. Over the centuries, these cards were developed by the ancient Polynesians, whose lives literally depend on their ability to catch fish. One thing they call the Maori fishing calendar.

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Click here to see the bite time for your preferred fishing area. The Maori Fishing Diary is kindly provided by Bill Hohepa. There is no question that the schedule can be a good indication of the dates on which animal and perch feed periods become more intensive, so it is a good idea to check before you start planning your next itinerary.

"Bill Hohepa Fishing Calender has information from a wide range of historic resources, which includes Mr. Best's most recent fishing research over the past 30 years, when and how long fishing bites the lunar phase. As there are many factors that influence the feed patterns of your cat, such as the effect of the lunar, air pressures, sea temperatures, etc., the calender is only an indication.

I think that fishing is better at an approaching flood when the moons are weakening and fishing is better at an approaching flood when the moons are growing. When you can see the lunar, the best moment in my life is when it is at the 2 o'clock point in the sky" Excellent means up to 1 hr of good fishing - good means up to 30 min and bad means up to 15 min.

Get more fishing with the Maori Fishing Calender.

Maori fishing calendars have been used by Maori fishermen in New Zealand since antiquity. Maori (and many other Pacific tribes) found that fishing was better on certain dates of the moon cycles than on other dates. It is interesting that the Maori fishing calender is very similar to the Solunar theory, which depicts the eating behaviour of freshwater species such as game.

Solunar theory was invented by John Alden Knight in 1926 and can be used to forecast the best fishing seasons on a given date. It is believed that the gravity of the lunar forces influences the eating behaviour of game. All of the world reacts to this gravity. Floods and low tides are following the moons and to a smaller extent the groundwater, seas and canals.

Pisces and other creatures are most energetic and nourish themselves when the lunar is directly above their heads or when the lunar is under their feet. These are the most attractive days. In solar theories they are known as the "Major Times". This time is called " Minor Time " and the eclipse has an attraction, but to a smaller extent.

Fishing is considered the best on those occasions when the sky and the moons are "up" or "down" at the same moment, as happens near the new and full moons. Using the information above, we can identify the best fishing dates in each lunar life and the best fishing seasons.

Maoris have done this successfully throughout the course of time without sketching out a theories. They instead watched and registered their fishing and created a schedule with a special quota for each fishing activity on each of the days of the cicle. The Maori Fishing Calender in combination with the Solunar Fishing Calculator can certainly help you to get more of them.

Using this old saying, you can devote more of your life to fishing and less of your life to wait for rinse. Use the Maori Fishing Calender and Solunar Calculation to compute a fishing calender, and we also consider tide and meteorology. It is our goal to offer you everything you need to make a succesful fishing tour in one place, and above all to encourage you to go fishing in case you should ever miss to review your fishing schedule every single night.

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