Mangareva Airport

The Mangareva Airport

Just like Bora Bora, the airport is located on a surrounding Motu. The only domestic flights to Mangareva are offered by Air Tahiti. Checking in at the airport was child's play and did not require any special documents. As Pitcairn does not have its own airport, you have to get to Totegegie Airport in Mangareva. Tahiti Air is the only airline to offer flights to Mangareva (two flights a week from Tahiti, Tuesdays and Saturdays).

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Mangarreva is the biggest and most important of the Gambier Isles in France. It' encircled by smaller islands: There are Taravai in the south-west, Aukena and Akamaru in the south-east and northern isles. The city of Mangareva has 1,239 inhabitants (2012) and the biggest city on the whole of Mangareva, Rikitea, is the capital of the Gambier Isles.

It is about 8 kilometers long and with 15. It covers 4 km2 (5.9 km2 ) or 56% of the total Gambier Group area. The Mangareva has a high middle crest that stretches along the entire length of the isle. Mangareva's highest point is Mt. Duff, which rises to 441 metres on the southern shore of the isle.

It has a large 24 km long reef laguna, whose sea life has allowed the island's old inhabitants to live much more successfully than on reef-free islets. Once wooded, Mangareva provided support to a large community trading through canoeing. The overdeforestation by the inhabitants of the archipelago during the tenth to fifteenth century, however, led to a deforestation of the archipelago, with catastrophic consequences for its ecology and economies (see Gambier Archipelago for more details).

Mangareva's first arrival was the captain James Wilson on the Duff in 1797. The archipelago was called by Wilson in honor of Admiral James Gambier, who had assisted him in equipping hiship. You can reach Mangareva by ferry from the airport over the lake. The Mangareva is an important connection to the Pitcairn isle.

The only way to get to Pitcairn Iceland is by plane to Tahiti, then to Mangareva. A 32-hour cruise leads from there to the isle. There are some who arrive in Pitcairn by ship, but this is increasingly rare as the waterways are not near Pitcairn.

Artist and Authors Robert Lee Eskridge's Manga Reva: Bobbs Merrill (1931) provides first-hand observation of the Mangareva countryside, tribes and people. 1962 the adventures novelist Garland Roark paid tribute to Eskridge's work in a preface to his novel The Witch of Manga Reva. Escridge also co-authored and illuminated a children's novel about his trip to Mangareva:

Playmates of the South Seas (Bobbs Merrill; 1933). Mangarevan tribe had been developing a system of numbers 300 years before Europeans. For so long the French have had control of the archipelago, the Arab numerical system with which the West is most at home has taken its place. The researchers Andrea Bender and Sieghard Beller found that mathematics on the spacecraft combine the two number schemes into a novel logic system that allows them to reduce the number of places in conventional logic systems: for example, 130 is displayed as 10000010 bits; in the Mangarevan system it is displayed by VRC.

The Wikimedia Commons has mangareva medium.

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