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The Manapouri is a small town in Southland / Fiordland, in the southwestern corner of the South Island, in New Zealand. Hotel accommodation and booking, travel, tours, activities and activities. Situated in the mountains of Fiordland, Lake Manapouri and its surroundings offer breathtaking scenery and numerous activities to enjoy.

Manapouri " Destination Fiordland

Manapouri is often described as the "most beautiful" of all seas, with its variety of 33 small islets, the scenery of the Cathedral Mountain range, indigenous brush, sand and bays. Manapouri is a tranquil community situated on the banks of the Waiau River and the Waiau Lakeside (300 inhabitants).

Manapouri Sea is known as a catalyser for New Zealanders' awareness of the environment, as New Zealand's electricity production flooding plan became known in the 1950s. Manapouri was then " rescued " and the West Arm plant is now working under rigorous control. Initially known by the early Maori as Roto-au (the wet lake) and then Moturau (many islands), this is the second lowest in New Zealand with a perimeter of 170 kilometers and a low of 444 meters.

Manapouri is now known as the starting point for field and excursion tours to West Arm Electricity Station, the biggest subterranean electricity generating facility in the Western hemisphere. The Manapouri Trail has also become famous for its wide range of night and night hikes. The trail offers a 4-hour Circle Trail stroll and accommodation hikes to Hope Arm and Mt Titiroa.

One of the highlights of these hikes is that the entrance to the beginning of the route leads across the canal. The route offers great birdlife and breathtaking vistas. Although depending on the conditions, canoeing on the lakes is a great way to see all the secluded coves and sand dunes, because only the sound of singing voices of wild animals and the splashing of fresh waters can be heard.

The Manapouri area offers a wide range of accommodations for those visiting the area, and with two caf├ęs, a nice dining room, a parking lot and a small guesthouse, has all the facilities for those enjoying a quiet environment. Carefree and scenic, Manapouri is a place you will be able to experience.

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The Manapouri is a small city in the Southland / Fiordland, in the southwestern part of the South Island, in New Zealand. Situated on the outskirts of the Fiordland National Park, on the east bank of Lake Manapouri, near its discharge into the Waiau River, the city offers touristic boating trips.

The commune of Manapouri is 20 min by car from Te Anau via the state road 95. It is the gate to the Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound and the base for many hiking trails. Manapouri Hydroelectric Power Plant is situated on the western arm of Lake Manapouri, with most of the power produced at Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter.

From Manapouri the employees of the hydroelectric company are transported by ferry as there is no street entrance to the hydroelectric company. Te Anau is a small airport located 5 km from the municipality and serving both Te Anau and Manapouri. Manapouri has several touristic boating trips to serve the Fiordland Sound, angling charter and rental boats.

Trips starting at Pearl Harbour at the south end of Manapouri Municipality take visitors across Lake Manapouri to visit the subterranean hydro-electric plant, or by coach over Wilmot Pass to take boating trips to Doubtful Sound for a full days out. The Supply Bay Road and Rainbow Reach areas are relatively bicycle-loving.

Manapouri-Te Anau cycle path is currently being negotiated between the Department of Conservation and the Fiordland Trails Trust. Lake Manapouri's east end is probably the best New Zealand kayaking route with 20 islets and many bays, shores, lakes, waterfalls, cottages, porttages and canals returning from Manapouri in one day.

Situated at the junction of State Highway 95 and Hillside Road is a memorial to the Save Manapouri campagne, the first ever massive conservation effort in New Zealand historical heritage. Opposite the small lakeside of the town is a nature reserve in the shape of Hillument. Located in the western Hunter Mountains in the municipality of Manapouri, this sharpened icon is a popular spot for adventure hitchhikers.

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