Mamanuca and Yasawa groups

Yasawa and Mamanuca Groups

I don't seem to see many Aust/NZ going to the Yasawas and wonder why? The Tokoriki is one of the largest islands of the Mamanuca group. The Yasawa Group (in two different resorts)? Does it pay to go to both or better to stay in a group? The Mamanucas group actually consists of two clusters represented as Mamanuca-i-ra and Mama-nuca-i-cake.

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I' ve been reading about the Bula-passport. His website says he will take you to more than 20 Isles in Mamanuca and Yasawa groups. I can' t go to another 20 isles?

What is the best way of transportation (including the ticketing options) if I want to have Castaway Iceland, Modriki, Sawai Luka, Mantas etc. covered? thank you in advanced! Adventures awaesome includes the Bula Pass and they allow you to hopping islands from one to the other, but you must have reservations on this isle so.

The small insular transfers hit the flyers. It is unfortunate that you cannot always have all the places and isles you want to go to in the amount of space available. Several of the archipelago make side trips to Sawai Lau Cave and swim with the Mantas ( "manta rays") (usually from May to October), but not all because of the distance to the resist.

You may need to reduce your 6 night charter to 4 night charter on the Out Island, subject to your flying time in and out of Fiji. Yasawa Flyer leaves every day at 8.30am from the yacht harbour and will return around 6pm. In order to explore the Sawa-i-Lau caves, you must spend the night in a village in the north of the Yasawas.

In order to go swimming with mantas ('May to September') you have to remain in the south of the archipelago. The Castaway and Treasure are in the Mamanucas and on another boating trip, so you would have to go back to Nadi in between. When you choose the Yasawas, it is best to choose individual tours between the resort and land that are less expensive than the Bula Pass.

You last proposed Paradise Coast and Koconut Bay Reserve. Should they be protected by the Bula passport on the right? There should be a ship from the Paradise Cave to take me to Manta Ray Isl. Right? Yes, the Bula Passport would work, but you may find it less expensive to reserve accommodations directly at the Yasawa Flyer and one-way on the Yasawa Flyer between the individual Yasawa Sites.

There is no other place on the island to buy or cook meals, and taking meals in your room will draw them in. And I know Paradise Cove, Octopus and Blue Lagoon undoubtedly have nutritional schedules, I think Mantaray does too. You sure about Paradise Cove?

The Yasawas have the same area as Paradise Cove with Barefoot Manta and Manta.

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