Malls in Maui Hawaii

Shopping centers in Maui Hawaii

The shopping on Maui is sure to delight with choices from eclectic shops to top resorts. There are many Maui specialities and products that are unique in Hawaii. The Lahaina Cannery Mall is a shopping mall in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Visit the Maui Theatre for an unforgettable theatre performance! Hoku Jewelry Stores - Hawaii's largest chain of jewelry stores.

The Maui Malls Guide

Sometime during your Maui holiday, between grabbing the Hana highway and sunbathing on the shore, you have to go to the shops. Be it to buy a souvenir for the members of the Maui' Malls you leave behind, buy more beachwear or get the things you have forgotten to have. You will surely find what you need in one of the Maui's Malls.

Maui has 5 major malls. Every Maui Merchandising Centre has a slightly different atmosphere and accent, so what you want to buy will decide where you should go. We' ve put together a tour of Maui' s malls so you know what to ask of each one before you start your journey.

The Whalers Village is more than just a commercial centre. There are a wide range of local eateries and hostels and access to Kaanapali's wonderful beaches makes it easy to stay here for a whole year. Whalers Village has many shops for clothes, footwear and jewellery. Directly on the shore there are many possibilities to buy beachwear and windsurfing equipment (e.g. Honolua and Volcom).

The Whalers Village has over 500 car parks at a price of $3 per half-minute. Formerly a tinned pineapple factory, there are now some proper clothing and souvenir stores here, but nothing that tempts you to remain longer than an hours. This means unless you are frantic to get out of the tan as this is Maui's only fully closed and air-conditioned stadium.

Opposite the Lahaina Cleannery Major is the Lahaina Gateway, which houses several other shops, among them a large Barnes and Noble with its own café. This is the best parking lot for the old Lahaina Lüau, which is directly behind the canning factory. The largest shopping centre on Maui, in the centre of Kahului, this is a favourite place to go shopping.

Queens K is not good for eating out, but there is a great eating area if you need a fast snack before you continue your purchase. There is a farmers' fair in the centre of the mall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Currently there are "Maui Made Sundays", where you can see produce made, cultivated, designed or made in Maui County.

The Maui Mall has the best theater on the islet, so this is the right place to see a film. And the other major draw here is Whole foods (a favourite grocer' s shop that specialises in wholesome and biological foods.) It has a large delicatessen area if you want to collect ready-made groceries.

There are not many businesses for a shopping centre here, so don't come to the businesses unless you have a particular location. You will find many clothes and jewellery outlets and good places to collect presents. We like SoHa Lives for classy Hawaiian presents and home cuisine.

In this stylishly landscaped shopping centre, you'll find other upscale high-end names such as Gucci and Prada under the high-street labels such as GAP and Billabong. Situated in the centre of Wailea Spa, it is a favourite place for visitors on the southern side of the isle.

Ukulelele instruction, Island Wood Carving, Hula, Coconut Frond Weaving - among others! At Maui' s shopping malls we are hoping you will find what you are looking for. Where' s your favourite in Maui?

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