Malibu Hawaii

Hawaii, Malibu

ACA's ultimate service experience Super Cool Malibu and Ultra Chill Hawaii! Explore how to make a Malibu Pineapple Blue Hawaiian drink. You can relax on a comfortable sofa or enjoy bar seating with champagne cocktails, local beer or wines from the extensive list of the Malibu Farm Bar in Lanai. Visit Malibu Shirts for quality, authentic clothing that represents Hawai'i, its people and its past. Malibu Series SUP's are the ticket for small to medium waves.

Malibu, Hawaii's North Shore, Bondi Beach..... Scarborough?

Scarborough, the Yorkshire sea city known for its refreshing skies and fun riding donkeys, is planning to re-invent itself as the windsurfing capitol of the North. The resort has been named for the first timeout on the UK Pro Tour with rollin' North Sea sills and vast open sands.

During October, sports leaders are carved through the spray off North Bay - what the organizers call the "natural amphitheatre" for the game. In Greenland, Iceland and Canada new windsurfing hotspots are opening up.

Malibu, Hawaii

It is a great way to enjoy your holiday! You' ll spend two whole days in the seaside city of Malibu, California, followed by a full weekend of exploration of the scenic Hawaiian tropics! It is home to the world-famous Pepperdine University, a first-class college for economics, communication and art. Home to world-class resort destinations, extraordinary, unique cultural experiences and the best restaurants, art and leisure.

You' ll get the ultimative summers venues that provide the best seaside heaven, both South Californian as well as Hawaii' tropical charms. Famed for its hot sandbeach, Malibu is the ideal place for your unforgettable holiday! Energetic, cultural and stunningly vibrant, Malibu brings together the best of the California coastline.

Hawaii is a luxuriant hideaway on the banks of the Pacific Ocean. Making Hawaii the ideal place for those looking for an energetic holiday. The stay in Malibu has its advantages, which is why so many prominent people call it home. You will relax and enjoy the bathroom, broadband and more.

Go outside and admire the magnificent sea views! Reliable buyers will also appreciate the Malibu Country Mart's fashionable stores and restaurants, such as James Perse, Kitson, Crumbs Cupcakes, John Varvato's Starbucks and more just a quick trip from Madrid airport with our ac a cape! Accommodation in a luxury home and luxury hotels in Hawaii.

Equipped with luxurious suite, with fridges, Ethernet ports, laundry and of course - A/C! By the end of the morning, unwind and indulge in your Shrine. "The only thing that' s good for me is a lifetime of ministry. "ACA's ACA Services Learning Course incorporates this Albert Einstein quotation and offers worthwhile ways to invest in making Madison an even better place for its residents and people.

The mission of American Collegiate Adventures is to support our clients in their own transformations. Proud to be a leading player in the pre-college seasonal fortification sector, and dedicated to giving our pupils the opportunity to gain worthwhile work. We believe, and teachers at all levels are agreed, that these experience not only improves the well-being of individuals around the globe, but also leads to more diverse, publicly conscious undergraduates - the kind of undergraduate schools want to enrol!

Pupils find inspirational ways to use their talent by working with kids in nearby colleges, collecting funds for charity or working as volunteers in food stalls, bio-farmhouses and retirement centres. In the mornings and afternoons there is the possibility to do up to 50 hrs of charitable work! Under the Intensive Communities Services Program, you will be able to take part in the fulfillment of ministry related services during recruitment and 50 lessons of work.

Afternoons and evenings are at your disposal. Shopping in the fashionable city centre of Malibu, browsing the famous Rodeo Drive stores or enjoying the best leisure opportunities and explorations in all of Hawaii. There are new possibilities every single workingday, from semi-private physical education lessons and creativity workshop to fun shows, excursions and summertheat!

ranging from renowned restaurant-stunning arts and culture to Major League baseball matches and all-star summer concert, every week-end will bring you an experience you won't forget! Whether it's homemade breakfasts, dinners, or lunches where you can eat your favourite restaurant, no previous year' s programme offers you as many opportunities to eat as we do!

During in Malibu and Hawaii, luncheon choices will be an unbelievable selection of restaurants within the Dining School. On Friday you can have a funny supper in a great place. If you are in Malibu and Hawaii, you have easy acces to great gyms, full of power tools, Stairmasters, running belts and LifeCycles.

You can of course take full advantage of the track, playgrounds, basketball pitches and power rooms in Hawaii and Pepperdine. If you want to go out and enjoy the outdoors, you have walking and cycling routes, wonderful sandy areas and great Pacific swim! Included in our dedication to the security of our undergraduates, our employees are living on the floor, accompanying our graduates on all our trips and events, and are always provided with mobile phones for emergency situations.

Attention: We suggest student flights to Los Angeles (LAX) International Airport anytime. There, they will be welcomed by Acca personnel who will accompany them to convenient, air-conditioned shuttle buses for the short trip to Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway. At the end of the programme, at Honolulu International Airport, student will be flying home.

Please do not hesitate to ask our offices for more information on these itineraries.

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