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What it's like to see classic Malibu in Los Angeles County

Malibu stretches more than 30 leagues along the Pacific and Highway One and has almost reached mythical standing among California's seaside town. Featuring Hollywood celebrities and top sportspeople living in houses by the sea, under an elegance haze of long beaches, you'll be able to watch front rows of spots for windsurfing and memorable sundowns.

Even if it may seem exlusive, there is still a lot of Malibu magics for people. Malibu's Surfrider Beach, right on the Malibu Pier, was appointed the first World Surfing Reserve; near Zuma Beach is a solar attraction for local people and family.

Point Dume, at the northern end of Malibu, is an excellent place to observe migratory grey cetaceans. Aesthetic perfection extends beyond the shore. And, for portable arts - and perhaps to see one of the locals - rummage through the stores at Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard, two high-end shopping malls next to each other.

Afterwards you can have a snack in Malibu Farms, the bio-cafe and restaurants directly on the dock. You can also rummage in the catch - and try one of the famous Burger Islands - at Malibu Seafood, directly opposite Dan Blocker Beach. In order to enjoy the evening like an inside man, take a room at the 47-room Malibu Beach Inn, a former Billionaire's Beach hotel converted by Hollywood movie star David Geffen.

As hard as it is to pull away from the sea, you can walk through mounds and gorges full of flowers and even falls on paths in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. One of the two-hour Malibu wineries on the hilly Saddlerock Ranch; walking tours includes a stop at the Chumash dens, a meeting with a famous hangover 3 viraffe and of course a winetasting.

Heading out to Los Angeles is the city of Los Angeles, with Hollywood northeast of the city center, the San Fernando Valley to the east and the welcoming sandy beach of Santa Monica and Malibu to the west.

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