Malden Island

Isle of Malden

A copy of the notification from the Federal Foreign Office to Grice, Sumner and Company, tenants of the island of Malden. Malden Island Non-public. It is captioned: "Malden Island, Five Islands, Maine. "Five islands are located in Georgetown, along the Sheepscot River in Sheepscot Bay. Locate top luxury destinations in Malden Island, Kiribati - rated and evaluated by travel experts like you.

Malden, Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati

Situated 241 sea leagues southward of the Eq. Situated 108 N.N.E. mile from Starbuck, 460 mile N.W. from Caroline, 365 mile S. S. E. from Christmas and 373 mile S. E. from Jarvis Island. It' a shallow, triangle-shaped island of corals, about 5 mile long (east and west) through 4. 1/2 mils broad.

Enjoy the charming sound of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands in 64 kbps FM stereo! In the past, there are indications that the ocean crossed the eastern edge and submerged a much bigger area of the main pool. The island is also said to have increased a few metres in relation to the surface.

The largest part of the island cannot be seen more than 7 or 8 mile. In the Guanos period, 80 to 100 threads of buoy moored in front of the western end and served as anchorage for small ships. It is often hard to land, despite a small jetty near the pebble.

It is often hard to land, despite a small mole at the southern end of the western bank. For many years, almost without interruption from 1890 to 1919, a meteorological report was kept at Malden. The prevailing winds are those of the Trades: 62 percent from the eastern, 21 from the northeastern, 8 from the southeastern, 4 from the northern, 3 percent from the northwestern and western regions, and the other 2 percent from the northwestern and western regions.

In general, there is a contemporary past Malden from the Orient varies from northeastern to southeastern with the season. The Polynesians were living in Malden before they were discovered by a group of whites. Deceased Dr. J. Macmillan Brown paints a very inventive image of "great pyramid temples" from a period in which Malden was part of a "defeated empire" and of those who come on pilgrimage to him from "fertile archipelago near the Canary Islands", which have now sink.

Stoneframes are situated around the crests, mainly in the northern and southern parts. The Polynesians have been living in Malden for several generation, and this is not many hundred years ago. Comparison with rock structure on Tuamotu clefts show that a populations of 100 to 200 locals could have created all malden struc-ts.

Whitefish of similar species can be found on Ra'ivavae, one of the Austral Islands. He was spotted by Captain Lord Byron in H.M.S. Blonde on July 30, 1825. The ship was christened after Charles Robert Malden, Lieutenant, R. N., who ended up on the coast and made notices. The" several clusters of thick, brand-new looking (Pisonia) shrubs, so small that they were taken as cliffs in the distance", are still there, although they were destroyed, like much of the other flora, by geese imported in the 1860s.

Polish mammals found on the island have now been wiped out by imported mice. It was named Independence by Brayton in 1836. This is how a number of companies came into being that managed the island at substantial profits for almost seventy years. There were 79 people on the island in 1876.

Shortly before 1889 the company Grice, Drummer und Co. from Victoria was employing 8 Europeans and 150 Polynesians on Malden. Niue locals were digging and transporting the guan os, and Cook Islanders from Aitutaki took care of the vessels. The Americans used Malden under the 1856 French Act of 1856, but even then the company was founded in Australia.

Malden was sold to Malden Island Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne, for 21 years, but they did not remain out their rent, and the island has been deserted during the last few years. Now Malden Island belongs to the Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati.

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