Makena Landing

Macena Landing

Makena Landing is just a stone's throw from the Grand Wailea in southern Maui and is a popular retreat for locals and visitors. Kayak and snorkel tours from Makena, Maui Hawaii. Makena Landing Guide with snorkel map, parking, driving instructions, snorkel entry and pictures. The Makena Landing is a beautiful, secluded park with many trees for the shade and chickens to enjoy. Makena's landing border is six miles south of Maui Vista.

Macena Landing

An ideal place for canoeing and often also a quiet and secure place to take younger kids. The Makena Landing is a beautiful landscape, ideal for starting a canoe and often a quiet, secure place for younger people. Summary: This is a well used bay and landing for canoeing, snorkelling, diving and angling.

A soft, smooth start, albeit good for the little ones - plus shower, toilets and car parks make this place a popular meeting place for Maui couples on weekends. Turtle life is also plentiful, and snorkelling and scuba dipping gets better and better the further you go out on the north side (Nahuna Point).

The large cove also has a lot of marine activity and flat reefs to discover, on quiet nights this can be a very good place to study snorkelling. Bathroom, shower, kayak rent.

Park in Makena on Maui

Makena Landing is just a stone's throw from the Grand Wailea in southern Maui and is a popular haven for local people and people. Makena Landing has one of the most open sea corals on the whole of Makena, despite its relatively small sand beaches. Although not the place for sun bathing, it is a great place for those who want to experience the marine life of Maui.

Makena Landing provides a broad spectrum of sea sports from snorkelling and SCUBA Dive to canoeing and standing paddling. This area is an ideal starting point with a number of travel agencies that offer souvenir boat tours (SUP trips). Makena Landing is an ideal place to start your sea-adventures.

The Fronting Makena Landing is a large flat cove, ideal for snorkellers, standing up paddlers and canoeists. Off the coast of Nahuna Point is a favourite snorkeling and diving site, also known as Five Caves, Five Graves, Turtle Town or Turtle arches. Each of these designations refers to the two main characteristics of the area: leafy marine tortoises and submarine shells.

Marine tortoises are almost always a warranty, while the submarine arcs provide a one-of-a-kind SCUBA dive as well. However, keep in mind that this place can be quite full with single people and business itineraries. The Makena Landing Parc has a cobbled car site, a small grass area for grilling, showering and toilets.

When you plan a marine action, choose early in the mornings as the wind usually refreshes by 11am. Big southern and western swell, especially in the summers, creates bad snorkelling and diving opportunities and makes it hard to launch kayaks/SUPsextreme. There is a rescue sanctuary a few leagues away on Big Beach.

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