Main Town in Maui

Capital in Maui

Here you will find an overview of every major city in Maui so that you can get a feel for Maui at a glance. Nowadays, there are the resorts Kaanapali and Kapalua as well as a variety of shops and restaurants in lively Lahaina. Gold beaches tower over the hillsides and lush valleys of Central Maui, where you will find the bustling city of Kahului, Maui's main airport and the peaceful Iao Valley State Park. It is the luxurious part of the west side of Maui. Lahaina is the only city in Maui with a competent nightlife offer.

Each large Maui city at a glimpse

If you visit Maui, the results can be a little scary. Here you will find an outline of every larger city in Maui so that you can get a feeling for Maui at a single sight. The Lahaina is famous for its beach and Front Street. The Front Street is a road at the sea, which leads from the Panyanbaum and the harbour and ends shortly after the old Lahaina Luau.

Lahaina's shops are aimed at both local and tourist use. When you' re looking for a few Hawaiian literature and musical accompaniments, take a look at the Barnes and Noble along the main road. In Lahaina, Maui residents and gamblers come to Maui, and while it is an expensive city, anyone on any budgets can find great places to go for food and gas.

More about Lahaina and Maui's West Side. on Maui, from an arriving cruiser. Their plane has arrived in Kahului, and apart from the Costco there is not much for tourists in this area. It is definitely the core of Maui' s trade. Of the cities on Maui, Kahului is the one where you find the stock: the other: Kahului:

Target, Costco, Walgreens (several of them), etc., as well as two of Maui's cinemas. While Wailuku and Kahului merge, Wailuku has an extremely small-town flair. In Wailuku city centre you will find a number of great stores and two of Maui's performance art businesses, the Maui Academy of Performance Art and Maui OnStage.

Wailuku's scenery is generally inviting, with some nice stores and hidden outbuildings. Between Wailuku and Kahului, the Maui Art and Cultural Center offers unbelievable activities throughout the year. The Kihei City has a little bit of everything: eating, grocery stores, a performative art firm and one of Maui's best cake places.

A stay in Kihei is slightly cheaper than a stay in Lahaina and overall a very secure wager as a starting point during your first journey when the west side seems out of range. Wailea is a beautiful (albeit expensive) commercial area and the grocery store scenery is not to be ignored.

Maui' s "hippie town" is a treat for tourists and natives. And if you like handmade produce, natural/organic/vegan/specialized foods, Paia is the place for you. Use one of the free open spaces (unlike those in Lahaina near Front Street) and listen to the music.

More about Paia. A town in Paniolo (Cowboy), Makawao is one of the lesser known gems of Maui, with a gastronomic, handicraft and commercial life unlike the remainder of the isle. The city of Hana is one of the last places to see Old Hawaii in Maui and the atmosphere itself is full of historical and cultural highlights.

It is a great place to stay and has a lot of good meals. Remember that the Strait to Hana is as much a delight as the city, and it is the Strait known as one of Maui's most beloved places. What is your favourite town in Maui?

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