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Room la Magne is the smallest of our rooms; you will appreciate its cosy atmosphere. Powerful permanent magnet holds a flexible plug against the hole and the existing pressure.

Florence Magne - Consultant

It has its headquarters in the Paris and Dubai office. Ms. Magne has 20 years of experience in supporting customers in the field of business intelligence and has been engaged by consultancies in the USA and Europe to assist them in their practical work.

Ms. Magne began her professional life in the field of executives searching by founding her own Magna Consultancy in New York with London office. From childhood, she developed the business into a 12 strong consultancy staff on two different fronts. Before joining the searchengine sector, Ms. Magne worked in New York as a business advisor at Oliver Wyman, a strategic consultancy specializing in international operations and providing strategic advice on finance as well.

Graduated from H.E.C. in Paris with a bachelor's Degree in Int. Biz. and Financing.

Q&A with Magne on Facebook

May 19th was the tenth birthday of the publication of Magne's soloplay'A DOT of BK in the BLEU". For this reason, Magne was on-line on Sunday, May 20 at 14:00 (CET) to reply to fan queries on his Facebook page. Here is a copy of the question Magne replied to during the hour+ in which he was on-line.

Magne, ten years have gone by since your last record as a soloist. ANNOUNCER: After seeing you singing for the first of my lives in Vienna ('Lifelines' - thanks, it was MAGIC!), I have to see you singing again, so I also want a solotour! Magne: should be thankful for such a long spell of peacemaking! actually I am working on a new single-record - a christmas-album is in the works.....

Melanie: What do you all like so much about it? Magne: Yes, I have the guts to publish a poem album. Magne: because I am mysteriously ltalian - don't tell anyone! Morag: Hello Magne. Magne: next year! A few words, please. FEENEY: No question..... Just tell you that I like it when you do the buffoon on scene :-)

Erin: Good mornings from the USA, where we would like to see you again! Magne: We are planning it! Magne: I think this will be one of our best shows ever - musical. I know, but I think so. Hello, Magne!! SHELDON: Hello, Magne. Sandra: I know that you have many ventures as Magne Furuholmen.

I have followed you for 14 years (mid-1980s) and never had the chance to see you in person or to see your work and get inspiration. I' d like to know if there are intentions that you come to Australia to divide your arts or work?

Magne: I'm sure you will! Hopefully you'll get there anyway. Hi Christina Magne, thanks for comin' to Cork, it's been a while. Magne: Shy is still a part of it, but I resigned myself to doing the work of getting my project across to the public. The fragile times are at the point of created. During the talk I go into self-defense manners.

Do you have any chances of recording and publishing more of this kind of work? Please, please? Magne: probably not, but it is noteworthy how quickly it comes back when it rehearses..... Rachael: Hello Magne. I would like to come to Norway one of these days, so can you tell us things you would suggest we do or see, or maybe go to cities/cities that are not on the regular list of tourists?

Comrade: Hello Magne, I was in the MAC in Niteroi when you put up the sculpture with the kids. Magne: It was really moving to be able to interact with these boys - I wanted them to think that it was secure for them to be creatively in a room in a museum rather than in a outside of them.

Hey Magne! At first I wanted to ask you if there's a chance for a new record as soloist. Magne: as said..... Comment Caterina: Ever thought about going to Facebook and exchanging poetry or thoughts, like in the old MySpace era? Susi: Hi Magne! You' ve done something for and with Apparatjik again, does it give you more inspiration for music?

Magne: Difficult to answer. would require an entire volume. Hi Magne, I'm texting you from Belgium. They had contributed to the work on the work of the famous Cyril Paul. Magne: Did I? was I good? my Frensh is a little rusty....maybe I thought I was ordering take-away food and misunderstanding the whole thing.

Magne: Oh dear....wouldn't want to make it a real one! Magne: Sunhild: Do you think you've already found your own personal styles or do you continue to work on your own means of art? Magne: Looking back, I see a sense of taste, but I'm not yet prepared to grab my need for experiments.

Magne, you don't look very lucky in that picture. Roger: Hi Magne, who will be winning the Champions League finals? Magne: As I said....will be something like a recluse nowadays. will try to form for you. Honestly, I think everyone would show friendliness and charity for each other.

Saigon: Hi Magne, I am a big admirer of Appararijik and his work. Secondly, have you ever thought about taking the Appararijik with Buika to Latin America? Magne: I would like to - but it's not very likely at this point, I'm worried. Did you ever have an emotional awesome experiences that made it difficult for you to deal with except through music?

Magne: it was an invention I had that was organized by a fellow named kjetil berkestrand..... you could ask him? Hello, dear Magne! I ask you about your last website, which only displays an issue on the homepage; this is very tedious and annoying, so my question is this: Do you still decide whether to fix it or not?

Enjoy your visit and see you soon. bye now. bye bye. Can you find spare times for your other work? Magne: In additon to the shows and making musicals together (what we did this winter) we are working on a play for 2021typething. Magne: el grico is astonishing, but as a good inhabitant of Norway I have to say that most of the effect of an artists in my live came from food.

CĂ©lia: Your artworks are overlapping more and more between expressionist visual arts and design: do you see yourself as an artiste or builder? Magne: I think of myself as an aficionado. These are my quizzes to you: Hi Magne! Magne: I thought about giving up both the arts and the soundtrack a few of the time - just to see what would come, but I always find it too interesting.

Magne: Use telespathy! Magne: What makes issues dull? Hello Magne! Magne: learning to savor it! sorry - I had an surgery a few years ago and she was a success - but the reality is that I somehow miss her.

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