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The Macquarie Island Macquarie Island World Heritage Area intersects the whole Macquarie Island State Maritime Reservation and a part of the Macquarie Island Commonwealth Maritime Rest. There is limited access to the state protected sea area and the land conservation area. The Tasmanian Park and Wildlife Service requires prior permission in writing.

It has been part of the state of Tasmania since 1900 and became a Tasmanian State Reserve in 1978. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1997. From an ecological point of view it is part of the antipod subantarctic ecology. In 1948, the Antarctic Division of Australia (AAD) established a Macquarie Island Station on the Isthmic at the north end of the island at the bottom of Wireless Hill.

As a rule, the populations of the island's only humans vary between 20 and 40 a year. Originating dataset from the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) via[View dataset on site].

The places are similar and different - Macquarie Island World Heritage Area

They study Australia's physical and social characteristics. The student considers how the perception of places by humans is the foundation for measures to safeguard places and surroundings. #1: How and why are places similar and different? Core issue #2: How do people's perception of places affect their view of the way places are protected?

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The Macquarie Island (34 km long x 5 km wide) is an ocean island in the Southern Ocean, located 1,500 km southeast of Tasmania and about half way between Australia and the AAC. It is the prominent ridge of underwater Macquarie Ridge, which has been elevated to its present location where the Indo-Australian Tectonian tablet strikes the Pacific table.

This is the only place on the planet where rock from the surface of the planet (6 km below the seabed ) is active above the surface. Each of these exhibits contains outstanding samples of cushion basalt and other extrusives.

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