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The Lumahai Beach is a popular and picturesque beach and the subject of many postcard and gallery pictures. The Lumahai Beach on Kauai became famous in the movie South Pacific. The Lumahai Beach Surf Report is updated daily. The Lumahai is one of Kauai's favourite beaches. Visit our guide at Lumahai Beach in Hanalei so that you can immerse yourself in what Hanalei has to offer before you leave.

Beach Lumahai

The Lumahai Beaches is a favourite and scenic spot and the object of many postcards and galleries. That long sandy long sandy shore became known through Hollywood when Mitzi Gaynor used to spend her days on that shore to wash this man right out of her head in the film South Pacific.

The Lumahai is the theme of many picture and postcard collections, but is also known on the islands as one of the most perilous drowning sands. It is not advised for a swim. The Lumahai is open sea and strongly underwater. Have a stroll on the shore and lots of possibilities for great snaps.

There are great photographic possibilities from Lumahai Bay at the viewpoint from the highway above the shore. The warnings must be checked for dangerous situations before stepping on the treadmill surface. Don't ever go swimming alone. Do not allow small kids to swimm or gamble in the pool without supervision. Don't float in cloudy waters and never in estuaries.

Beach Lumahai, Kauai

Lumahai Beach's first (eastern) section (also known as Kahalahala) is just before 5m. At the viewpoint, park and go down the path leading to the shore (100 feet). Only a few small exits next to the motorway, so that you may not find a car park here.

In order to reach the greater west part of Lumahai Beach, go past 5m and look for the car park just before the Lumahai River. There' s a dirty car park next to the freeway. It' s bigger than the small excerpts from the other part of Lumahai Beach, but it can still be crowded on the weekend or in high season.

Kauai Hawaii Beach| Lumahai Beach

Lumaha'i is located on the northern bank of Kauai, directly on the west side of Hanalei Bay, and is the embodiment of the ideal sandy half moon surrounded by greenery. Lumaha'i Beaches at the far west end is a meeting place where the Lumaha'i Stream flows into the Atlantic Ocean; Kahalahala Beaches at the east end of the beaches is named "Nurses Beach" because of its appeal to the public and/or because it plays a major role in the shooting of the South Pacific celebrity "I will shampoo this man from my hair" series.

There is a beautiful path leading from the top of the vantage point just before the 5 miles on the east side down to the shore OR further on to the northeast and parked at Lumaha'i Stream. Whilst there are shadows on the edges of the beaches where it hits the woods, the mosquitoes can be malicious here, so it is best to take a sunshade if you go to the "tourist Lumaha'i" and want to get some sun.

When you are here on a sun-drenched Sunday, you will find that the sands in the "tourist Lumaha'i" are extremly warm because there is a large amount of olive oil in the sands. Quieter waters in summers, sheltered by the small fruit of the Lumaha'i River, provide a pleasant swim with many native teens who climb the cliffs and jump into the clear waters.

Do this only if you are completely safe, because in Lumahai one must always be alert, even near the Laguna, because the sandy bottom is precipitous, which leads to an unexpected severe bank fissur. "The " Locals Lumaha'i " on the west side of the Lumaha'i have many shaded areas that are less shaded than the " Lumahai tourists ".

Situated outside the sheltered areas of Hanalei Bay, the entire beach of Lumahai is experiencing significant ripples, backwashes and heavy current - so observe the sea for another 15 min before getting in; see how it changes with the set and what kind of floats are in the sea and what they recall; never turn your back to the sea and in case of any doubts do not go out!

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