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American Samoa | US Samoa Corporation looking to fill Honolulu vacancies with US nationals

The United Fishing Agency Ltd. is investigating the American Samoa workforce, in particular canning factory employees, to enlist them for their operations in Honolulu, as the firm understands the "plight" of joblessness in the area following the closing of Samoa Tuna Processors Inc. in December last year. When news became known last weekend that the ASG Department of Human Resources was supporting the United Fishing Agency with a number of locally recruited people, many StarKist Samoa employees, who are now without a paycheque for five whole days due to the closing of the Atu'u canning factory, also showed interest in such positions in Honolulu.

Asked about the type of employment United Fishing Agency is trying to fill, Michael K. Goot, the company's deputy VP and campaign leader, said they are primarily looking for employees to fill onboard. "These would include the immediate transfer of freshwater seafood from longlines docking, which is then delivered directly to our plant to be weighted, tempered, marked and frozen before sale," said Mr Honolulu last Friday.

"These former canners, especially those with port expertise, have many of the skills we are looking for, as well as fishing and fork-lift operations. In addition, we can currently only recruit U.S. citizens," said Mr. Hawaiian member of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.

He said the firm considered the workforce of American Samoa because of the experiences of former canning factory worker. In a Council of March this year the United Fishing Agency stated that it had contacted STP last year to examine the possibilities of moving from STP to the fish auction at Pier 38 in Honolulu.

The United Fishing Agency was in permanent touch with STP to prepare job specifications and make possible transfer easier. Meanwhile, the Monti, Utah-based Sanpete Messenger report that former STP canner factory employees are now working at the Norbest Turkeys factory in Moroni, Utah. Norbest saw the possibility of hiring experienced employees in slaughterhouses on 6 October, which was noted with the closing of STP last December.

Recruitment began in the area and the business was swamped with job offers. From June 30 this year, about 50 worker groups of 10-12 people arrived in Sanpete County. and found accommodation for her.

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