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World Mission Council, London Mission Society. Kinds of documents in the LMS archive. HEAD TITLE: The Archive of the Council for World Mission (with the London Mission Society): a guide /[prepared] by the late C. Stuart Craig. Archive of the Methodist Mission Society, London: Guide.

The originals are the property of the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

World Mission Archive

Recordings of the Council for World Mission (since 1977) and its predecessors, as well as the London Mission Society (1795-1966) and the Commonwealth Mission Society (1836-1966). It also contains materials for the Congregation Council for World Mission (1966-1977), reflecting the changes in administration and reorganization up to the establishment of the Council for World Mission in 1977.

CWM is a global fellowship of Christians. Its 32 members are dedicated to share their global wealth, human capital, abilities and insight to fulfill God's missions there. Founded in 1977, CWM comprises the London Missionary Society (1795), the Commonwealth Missionary Society (1836) and the Presbyterian Board of Missions (1847).

In the post-1945 era, the work of the London Missionary Society (LMS) developed from conventional field work to a more decentralized and dynamic organization founded on the evolution of chapters and community leaders. The LMS disappeared in 1966 and became the Congregational Council for World Missions ("CCWM") together with the Commonwealth Missionary Society.

The work of the diplomatic representations was integrated into the CCWM, which led to a renaming in 1973 as Council for World Mission in Congregational and Reformed. CWM ( "Congregational and Reformed") was again reorganized in 1977 to establish the Council for World Mission. It was more internationalistic, and reflected greater ecumenical and ecclesial autonomy and the end of the dominant position of the West in the missionary area.

The CWM office moved from London to Singapore in 2012. The Trustees adopted a new charter for the UK based charitable organization, now known as the Council for World Mission (UK), just before the June 2012 Pago Pago (American Samoa) Assembly convening. It is composed of 32 members and convenes once a year for the ordinary general assembly.

Otherwise the documents are unlimited. Paid into SOAS, University of London, as a long-term lending from the Council for World Mission in 1973. An introduction to the CWM compilation was produced by Rev. C. Stuart Craig, released by SOAS in 1973 and reworked in 1980. Hannah Lowery produced an unreleased guideline on CWM/LMS paper, 1795-1940, in 1994.

It has been revised several times and is available in the SOAS archive catalogue and in the reading room of the special collections of the SOAS library. For the documents of the Kongregational Missionary Society (CWM/CMS) a special hand list was created. Photocopies are kept in a number of research laboratories around the globe.

Copyrights are owned by the Council for World Mission, unless otherwise stated. The CWM archives were used to compile the following formal stories: "The History of the London Missionary Society, 1795-1895", by Richard Lovett (Oxford University Press, 1899); "A History of the London Missionary Society, 1895-1945", by Norman Goodall (Oxford University Press, 1954) and "Gales of Change":

The answer to a changing missionary context. WCC The Story of the London Missionary Society, 1945-1977', published by Bernard Thorogood (WCC publications, Geneva, 1944).

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