Living on Stewart Island

Life on Stewart Island

Fishing in a place like Stewart Island is never an easy way to earn a living. Half-moon Bay on Stewart Island. Half-moon Bay on Stewart Island. It' s dawn from Oban Town Ship, Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island. Before Prince Harry arrives, the day light rises from Oban Islandshood.

It was a dazzling dawn when Prince Harry came to see and record this picture. It is a cocoa in the scrub of Stewart Island - only a part of the island's unique wildlife.

It is Stewart Island's intention to entice homes to the southern hemisphere - to keep his schools going. The third island of New Zealand - home to about 400 inhabitants - what does it have to boast? Transport: There are hardly any and not any stoplights. The Stewart Island Nature Reserve is beautiful and the bird life is abundant. Vacancies: beautiful sun rises, little rain, a soft way of life.... you can't have it all.

Stewart Island is "raw New Zealand" - but with on-line buying.

Stewart Island is "raw New Zealand" - but with on-line buying. He was a fourth-generation angler on Stewart Island who had recently relocated to the shore but was on returned visits. You chatted, he served her crabs, and 10 years later you live here in a refurbished 3 bed room manger high above the city with two small kids, a small pen, three cats and three cats.

Kate doesn't even have crustaceans (or other fish). By the time they and Brett's then 15-year-old boy Morgan left a previous marriage and went to the manger, it was run-down, not Kate's music. "They are still - 360 degree shrubs, sea and cove - and the home itself is now more to their taste.

As they lifted three coats of linoleum to lay down the rug, the ground was covered with early 1900s papers, which fascinated Brett. "Just a little longer," says Brett. In collaboration with a team of master builder Matt Hill and Steve Stewart, they redesigned the back of the building, dismantled the pump tank, double-glazed it, redesigned the bathrooms and repainted the shelves.

As Stewart Island is hardly a shop destination, most of the material and furniture was purchased without being seen. "We' ve got everything from the web - cuisine, bathrooms, fittings, lighting - because it was too difficult to get from the island to go shopping," says Kate. There is a small island community of just over 400 inhabitants.

" He described the island as New Zealand 50 years ago. "To get off the island, you need either a boat or an airplane. Brett finds the island more attractive. "It was whitened and long gone, so if you are ever in the living room of Kate and Brett's manger on the mound, don't ignore looking up: this long curved thing on the roof is the pine of a cetacean.

Brett in Halfmoon Bay; it's unfortunate to change the name of a vessel so gratefully that he liked the name of the company when he purchased it. She says that the ribbed layer you see in this room and in the living room is her hidden treasure for the home renovations: it's great for wall or ceiling, it's inexpensive, you can brush or wash it, and it doesn't need plaster.

By the time Kate and Brett Hamilton purchased a former manger high up on the Oban hill in Stewart Island, the apartment was run down, but the view was a spectacul.

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