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Church-Teraina - Malden Island - Starbuck Island - Tabuaeran - Teraina - Vostok Island. The ecologically diverse line islands are a chain of coral islands and atolls that span the equator in the remote Pacific. Forums for Line Islands. Have a discussion about Line Islands travel with TripAdvisor travelers. Line Islands are small atolls in the central tropical Pacific.

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Line Islands are a group of ten atols and two deep underground hard corals located in the Pacific Ocean eastwards of the Gilbert and Phoenix Islands. Most of the islands are part of the Republic of Kiribati, but Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll and Jarvis Island are United States Territory.

While the islands were deserted when they were found, the ruins of destroyed churches and other buildings indicated that Malden was once populated. Artefacts have also been found indicating that most of the islands were frequented by Polynesians and some of the others were populated at different periods.

Polynese merchants and colonists would have found the islands useful on the long journeys from the Hawaiian group to and from the islands in the South Pacific Ocean that are under the occupation of Polish societies between about 400 AD and 1000 AD, when long-distance travel became less so. Most of the islands under the Guano Islands Act of 1856 were used by the United States, but guano was never significantly extracted or exported.

In 1860 the islands were invaded by Captain John English and Manihikians, which resulted in them being annexed by the British in 1889 and becoming part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands colonies in 1916. As Kiribati became independent in 1979, the Island Council of Kiribati took over the management of the line islands in its area.

504, 505, 506, 525, 526, 541, 604, 605, 76030, 83500, The meteorological conditions near the line islands, with the exclusion of the area around the Palmyra Atoll, are generally good for navigating with predominant wind from NE November to May to SE from June to October.

The Palmyra Atoll has unfavourable meteorological conditions due to a front that floats near the islands, which is due to the combination of the Northeast Trades and the Southeast Trades. It' the only place in its degree of latency where west wind is blowing. Line Islands should be used with caution, as the islands are low, shallow and flanked by powerful, varying current.

The Kingman Reef has an eastern backdrop, while the scenery around the Palmyra Atoll is the same. Near Malden Island and Starbuck Island is the general western kit, but eastern kits have also been seen at speeds of more than 1 knots. Directions (Enroute)- Pub 126 Pacific Islands (Seventh Editon 2005).

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