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Lefuka, how the world should be. The city Levuka is a historic port on the east coast of Ovalau Island. Receive the Levuka weather forecast. The port of Levuka is primarily a fishing port for fishing vessels mooring in Levuka to supply the Cannery of Levuka managed by PAFCO. Home;

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The Levuka Fund for World Monuments

Shortly after colonisation by the United Kingdom, the first Fiji capitol was founded in Levuka in 1877. Though there was a village before, the main city produced a large structure with cathedrals, community and civil facilities, modest cottages and a multitude of vicerian, neo-gothic and even fake business premises.

In only three years, the Fiji capitol was transferred to the Isle of Levuka and became a kind of period encapsule of popular and imperial settlement culture. It had a meagre economical basis and in the last hundred years has been neglected.

However, the city of 2,500 inhabitants has suffered the consequences of this indisposition - inadequate tourism infrastructure, governments lack of interest and the decay of the city. There is a need to implement a strict inspection procedure for new premises, maintainance policies, apprentice training programmes and other civil governance matters. The city of Levuka stays untouched, but without such action the city loses its local feel.

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Fiji: Around the world in 30 jours

This was a ten-hour trip from Hong Kong to Fiji, but it was like a journey to another world. Well organized, courteous Hong Kong became a completely relaxing, welcoming Fiji. At first I found it a little annoying that everything should be as scheduled and on schedule, but slowly I started to relax and let the Fijians take over.

That was the 2nd leg of my Round the World in 30 day journey and it had begun well with a good plane ride from Hong Kong. Perhaps the Fiji Airways cabin crew were not quite as effective as Malaysian Airways, but the wines were definitely better, even a superb Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

I had always considered Fiji as a small South Pacific country, only a small spot in comparison to neighboring nations like New Zealand or Papua New Guinea. I was surprised by the four-hour bus journey from Nadi International to Suva, the city. Indeed, Viti Levu, the major Fiji archipelago, is about half the Wales-sized, but with higher peaks - a pretty big spot!

Contrary to the Fiji bus, which has no windowpanes. Dieting large quantities of corndbeef (according to our photo editor Snapper John, a Fiji expert) creates very efficient rugby gamers, but bad travel guides if they share a three-seater with two!

In Fiji my period was divided between Suva and the old capitol Levuka on the near-by Ovalau Isle. In order to get to Levuka, a four-hour bus trip by car was necessary, which took more than seven long due to the problem of the ferries. Fijians in the trainer could not understand why I was getting stress because of the lateness.

In an eight-seat airplane I went back to Suva with some great outlooks. Perhaps a little unusually as a high point, but the severity of the wind on our first overnight stay in Suva was remarkable - almost quite literally, when the flash seemed to be landing only a few meters away from our bank.

At the back of Suva Holiday Inn, a beach walk winds its way into the center of town with a view of the harbor and the surrounding area. Thurston Park and Clock Tower. Built in 1918, the squatting clock tower is reminiscent of the first mayor of Suva. Fiji Museum in Thurston Park.

Fiji's past comes to fruition with a large warcanoe, military associations and cannibals tote. It seemed that the hundred small, croaking schoolchildren who were attending at that point enhanced the atmoshere. Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, one of the main Suva sites, was not visited. The main reason for this was that it is very slimy at this season.

There are also safety issues as theft is widespread in the reserve; it is recommended that you come as part of a group or hire a parking manager to take you around. The city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013 on the grounds that it was "an excellent example of Pacific harbour settlement of the end of the 19th ct.

The most of my heroes are Levukas' wealth. There are several colorful old nineteenth-century houses along Beach Road that give a sense of the city, then full of cetaceans, beach robbers, minions and similar dubious features. It was one of the first stores in Fiji, today a small but interesting monument.

Sunday she is competing with three other Levuka chapels. I spent the night in Suva at the Holiday Inn, a convenient location near the town center. I had a large room with a panoramic sea front and colorful sundowns. It was the friendly and supportive attitude of all employees that made their stay in the hospitality so enjoyable and unforgettable.

The best accommodation in Levuka is Levuka Homestay, which is run by Australians John and Marilyn. The Raffles Gateway Airporthotel fulfills its role as an airporthotel, suitable for an early takeoff in the mornings. Reluctantly I refused to afford to use the web in any of the hotels - it does not cost them anything - and was finally given 30 free reluctantly to compensate for the non-functioning television.

Like most Fiji people, I wasn't looking for a weekend or two on the shore - that's not my vision of a vacation. I wanted to get a feeling for the civilization of a Pacific Third Woridland and so the five night I stayed in Fiji was probably long enough.

Older travellers must be aware not to carry costly jewelry and look out for little burglars, especially near the Suva Municipal Market and Colo-i-Suva Forest Park. Fiji is a picturesque, beautiful little oasis with an interesting legacy and overcrowded, slowly buses, but most of all very relaxed, kind souls.

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