Length of South Island new Zealand

South Island length New Zealand

The South Island - The Great Southern Land of New Zealand On the South Isle. Many of us would like to have a motorbike trip abroad marked with a cross on our wish list. Some people also ride on the South Isle of New Zealand. It is the bigger of the two islands and about 20% bigger than the North isle with 151,000 sq km compared to the 114,000 sq km of the North isle.

While the North Island has the vulcanic activities and sandy shores, the South Island can be proud of the magnificent mountains and thick primeval forrests. As the South Island has a ready-made spring of shingles from the rivers, it has endlessly good streets to the North Island. Most of the motorways and "main roads" are made of asphalt, although almost all are only one lane.

Accommodation options are the South Island city of Queenstown, an accommodation in one of the glacier communities Franz Josef or Fox Glacier, the Whalewatching City Kaikoura and the Hanmer Springs mountain resorts. New Zealand is flooded during the summers with motorhomes - especially on the South Island - that often drive slow and are ridden by unexperienced vans, which can lead to an accumulation of eager riders behind them.

A further characteristic of the South Island Routes are the road-rail links of the Westland region, where dual carriageways are shared by dual carriageways.

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Biking in New Zealand. Biking in New Zealand. It' s difficult for me to say if this is okay without really know how healthy you are and how far you can go in a dog. From Akl to Wellington is under 700 km, so let's say 7 days@ 100 km (without Northernland - 420 km to Cape Reinga).

Invercargill to Lake Constance is closer to 900 km, so there are 9 working nights - but this requires you to camp exactly 100 km every fortnight. There are not every 100km in the SI, so you have to stop after 70 or 150 km (e.g. Picon to Kaikoura is 157 km).

They can' t drive on the Auckland highway, so you'd have to go down the Great South Road, which wouldn't be cozy. Biking in New Zealand. I' m going from Cape Reinga to Wellington in 11 and Picton to Bluff in 9 and more. Of course, I think it will be a real challange, but most of the day should end in the evening, which gives a little bit of free rein to discover the itinerary.

Biking in New Zealand. Remember what I said about not being able to drive on the AKL highway, which has the Harbour Bridge, and that much of SH 1 is single-lane with smooth back. Biking in New Zealand. Biking in New Zealand.

If you can run the exquisite off-road rail system, I suggest that you look at it and go between cities. Take advantage of the beautiful bike paths that are under development. Biking in New Zealand.

called Auckland. Biking in New Zealand. I am a frequent rider and follow the superb off-road bike tracks and tracks. Too bad you' ve got your heads down, but you'll miss the great places off the SH1.

Biking in New Zealand. While I think you miss the best landscapes and places along your itinerary, you'll see a great deal of it! Biking in New Zealand. Your first part of the trip is not Hwy 1 to Pahia is Hwy 10 and does not meet the standards of Hwy 1.

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