Largest of the Cook Islands

Biggest of the Cook Islands

It is the largest of the Cook Islands and the hub for visitor arrivals. The Cook Islanders are the second largest group of Pasifika living in New Zealand. Sightseeing, Places of Interest, Things to do, Places of Interest, Activity in Cook Islands

Experience Samoa's colourful underwater environment face to face. Immerse yourself in the world's largest reef in New Caledonia. Canyon over the Cook Islands' cuisines. Do the shopping to your heart's desire (duty free) in Norfolk Isl. Discover Nuie's unparalleled summits and thrilling coves. Hops your way through Tahiti and her islands.

Walk on the ridge of American Samoa, dotted with savage papayas. Come to Kiribati on New Year's Eve and be the first person in the whole wide open air to see lunch. At sundown, take a dip in the Tuvalu Bay.

The Cook Islands create a vast Pacific Reservation

Cook Islands have established one of the largest protected areas in the oceans in the world, which protects a huge part of the Pacific more than three time larger than France. Legislature founding the 1. 9 million sq km (735,000 sq km) reservation exceeded by the small nation's legislature later Thursday. The environmentalist Kevin Iro, who first suggested the concept more than five years ago, said it was a milestone that would help to save the oceans for coming generation.

There are only 10,000 inhabitants in the Cook Islands and their 15 islands have a total area of 236 square kilometres, which is hardly the same as Washington DC. However, its isolation in the Pacific, about half way between New Zealand and Hawaii with no neighbors, means that it has a vast marine area.

While Iro said the Cook Islands had an attachment to the sea and considered it holy, fishing and contamination had harmed the sea environments, not to mention the island's once ringing sea canals. Said the Marae Moana would give the local community a healing opportunity and allow the island' s inhabitants to preserve their heritage.

There will, however, be a central area of 320,000 square kilometres, 50 sea-mile from the coast of each isle. Taoiseach Henry Puna said Marae Moana has provided a blue print for the management of marine habitats around the globe. "We had a common goal of making our small nation the clearest and greenst travel destinations in the world," the Cook Islands News cited him.

"Not only do we recognize that the oceans bring us income in the form of fishing and tourist and potentially seabed mineral resources - they also provide us with fresh breezes of fresh breezes, fresh waters and fresh foods to feed and maintain us. At the opening of the Pacific Islands Forum, the Cook Islands heralded the establishment of the world's largest maritime reserve, a huge oceans almost twice the size of France.

It is an adventurous idea to connect naval sites across a wide sea - whose surfaces would correspond to those of the moon - is gradually converging, say environmentalists. On Wednesday, the small Pacifica archipelago of Palau established a huge protected sea area the scale of Spain and banned most of its waterways in order to conserve the sea for next generation.

The UK on Thursday announces its intention to redouble the sea area under conservation around the country's offshore areas to a larger area than the land mass of India. The UK said on Wednesday that it intends to establish the world's largest fully defended maritime reservation, which covers an area almost the size of France and Germany in the Pacific Sea.

In her Master of Development Studies, new insight into a Cook Islands'brain drain' Victoria University of Wellington freshman Lea Raymond gains new insight into a'brain drain' of the Cook Islands.

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