Largest Island of French Polynesia

Biggest island of French Polynesia

The Rapa Iti is not only the largest island of this archipelago, but also the only inhabited part of the basin islands. South Pacific Queen Tahiti. Inland is mountainous with many high peaks, streams, waterfalls and deep valleys. Polynesia belongs to an area in the Pacific known as Polynesia. The largest island of Polynesia is Tahiti.

Discover Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.

Tahiti is the place to be if you want to enjoy your holiday on sandy beach and in the blue sea. There' too many beautiful places to discover in Tahiti. Among many other things, you can do aquatic and cycling.

In this section we are sharing some astonishing places you should not miss during your stay. Tahiti's luxuriant verdant hills contain many falls. Vaiharuru, Topatari, Vaimahutu and Faarumai are some of the most visited falls. Not only are the falls here a fascinating view, they also offer the opportunity to experience an adventurous time.

If you are in Tahiti, don't miss the opportunity to see the impressive gardens, which contain a number of unique species of flora such as Orchid. When you go to this island in French Polynesia, then try making a booking at one of the Tahiti resort that have above sea shelters.

The small huts consist of a wood deck directly above the sea, a one-of-a-kind place to be. Several of them also have the shelves of crystal so that you have the feeling of running on the sea. There' s also a Tahiti Village Estate in Las Vegas, United States, so don't mistake the name to make your booking at Tahiti Villa Rent.

While in Tahiti you can see some of the ancient archeological places that still tell the story of the ancient peoples who were there. Tahiti's most beloved attractions are these surface bungalow, which you can reserve before your stay there.

Prices may change as early as possible. You' ll find these destinations all over Tahiti, it's better to make a reservation before. Tahiti also has few stunning beaches of fine sandy beaches, the samples are the same as these images.

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