Largest City in Fiji

Biggest city of Fiji

Fiji's five largest settlements. The city of Suva is Fiji's largest city and is located on the south-east coast of the island of Viti Levu in the province of Rewa. Cities in Fiji, by population. It is not only the heart of Fiji, but also the largest city in the South Pacific and an important regional centre. The capital and largest city of Fiji.

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Would you like to get to know the main city centers of Fiji? The following table shows the most important city centers in Fiji and gives you an impression of where you can visit the city.

For the Fiji Islands, the following is a listing of cities: Fiji has 85,691 inhabitants. It is not only the core of Fiji, but also the largest city in the South Pacific and an important local city. Lautoka is Fiji's second largest and other "city" with 52,900 inhabitants.

It is 24 km from Nadi and is known as the "Sugar City" because it is in the middle of the Fiji area. With 42,284 inhabitants, Nadi (pronounced Nan-di) is Fiji's third largest city center and is on Viti Levu's western shore. It is your point of passage for Fiji.

In Nausori is the "other" Fiji internation port. With 25,000 inhabitants, it is 19 km from Suva and forms one end of the Nausori-Suva rim. Find out more about this small city with beet seed in our Nausori section. Sigatoka (pronounced Sing-a-toe-ka) has 9,500 inhabitants and is located on the coral coastline on the southwest shore of Viti Levu.

One of Fiji?s most enchanting cities, the Sigatoka sand dunes, is the region?s trading city. At the northernmost tip of Viti Levu is the wonderful Rakiraki area. It is a particularly nice scenery to come from Korovou to the Kings Road mountain (counter-clockwise around Viti Levu).

With 28,000 inhabitants, Labasa (pronounced Lam-basa) is Fiji's fourth largest city center and the largest outside the major Viti Levu isle. Discover this warm and powdery farming city in our Labasa section. The city Savusavu has 5,000 inhabitants and is the city to be visited on Vanua Levu. For more information about the city known as "the Concealed Fiji Treasure", please see our Savusavu section.

Levukai is the ancient capitol where the Fiji Colonies began.

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