Lanai Travel Packages

LLANAI Travel Packages

Fast-paced Lanai Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay Vacation Travel Packages to Hawaii-Lanai. Most Canadians visiting Hawaii travel to one or a combination of the four main islands of Hawaii: Would you like the best prices on Hawaii Vacation Packages?

Hawaii Lanai All-Inclusive Family Holiday Packages

When your notion of an insular holiday contains extra luxurious and isolated private space, Lanai is waiting for you. A little over 3,000 inhabitants are living on this small islet. Things are developing around its one enchanting city, Lanai City, and two luxurious homes, the up-country lodge in Koele and the Manele Bay Hotel by the sea.

Lanai's one-of-a-kind natural beauty is the main purpose for you. A hike or drive to the top of Lana'ihale, a 3,370-foot wind-swept bass, will give you stunning views of almost every populated Hwaiian islet. You can also play a round of football or a round of football at the Lodge in Ko'ele and scratch your elbow with demanding travellers.

Come, take your free moment and savour it before the changes too much. Lanai is one of the most noteworthy in the Aloha Islands. No wonder this place was once known as Hawaii's'Private Island'. While most people seem to just sit and relax and relax, you can also select from the favourite aquatic activities such as snorkelling, yachting, snorkelling and ocean angling.

Lanai is a place of great culturally importance and offers many historic places, old fishermen's settlements and singular topographic characteristics like the garden of the gods dotted with rocks. It is interesting to note that Lanai's environment story is due to someone from outside the island - a New Zealand scientist called George Munro, after whom the stunning Munro Trail was called.

Located in the centre of the Lanai River is Lanai River District, offering thoroughly and affectionately renovated landmark buildings, among them the beautiful Lanai Playhouse and Theatre and the enchanting Hotel Lanai. Luahiwa remains a prehistorical puzzle, where the visitor finds 34 rocks with fascinating kerosene glyphs cut by old Hawaiians. And for a somewhat creepy walk through Lanai's estate time, don't miss the "ghost town" Keomoku.

An 141 sq km play area for kids of all age, Lanai is rich in opportunities for shared discovery. Acres after hectares of pristine wildlife, miles after miles of unspoiled sand and incredible peace and quiet every single working hour, the recovery of your mind comes to Lanai by itself. Lanai guests can also expect numerous youthful and invigorating spa treatment at the new Manele Bay Hotel.

The tranquil surroundings were designed to mirror the graceful legacy and splendour of Lanai itself, a place of tranquil and incomparable sophistication. Manele Spa has a wide variety of exquisite spa services, which include nail polish, banana-coconut peelings, as well as hour stones and face care. Whilst Lanai's enchanting beds and breaks and luxurious resort facilities have much to boast, the true beauties of this amazing paradise are best explored off the well-trodden paths.

Exploring over 80,000 hectares is one of the best ways to enjoy Lanai's diverse and beautiful scenery, hire a 4x4 and embark on your own adventures. To get a wider glimpse of the many of Lanai's wildlife attractions, visit the Manele Small Boat Harbor and enquire about a deep-sea fishery or sailing boat charters to the island's expanses.

Two of the world's most famous resort locations and kilometres of untouched nature waiting to be discovered, Lanai is a perfect holiday for couple who want to discover their passion in a place of incomparable beauties and exalted pleasures. If you are staying in one of the two exceptional resort on the islands (the sumptuous Manele Bay Hotel or the magnificent Lodge in Koele), a visit is a must.

Manele Bay Hotel is equally enticing, with restaurants by the sea and lush landscaped areas, as well as spas packages to help you and your guests soothe. Lanai will inspire your mind and reignite your passion from the uninhabited, sun-drenched beach to the hot sunsets at Sweetheart Rock.

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