Lanai Town

City of Lanai

The Lanai City is the most important residential complex on Lanai Island, which is located in the centre of the island. Deluxe within reach on the tropical island of Lanai. The city of Lanai City is a small town in the centre of the island of Lanai in Hawaii. There''s something in this town for dogs and people. Are you planning a visit to Lanai City?

City of Lanai, Lanai

The Lanai City (see more photos) is the central housing complex on Lanai Isle. This city was built in the early 1920' by James Dole, the pine apple schooner of Hawaii, and has a speciality that has none of the other islands in Hawaii - an unspoilt town.

The city has old houses, an old court building, a prison and a cop shop. There is a threat to the old town with a proposed project for industrial expansion that would tear down 15-20 old houses. During the entire twentieth century Lanai was home to the world's biggest apple orchard and produced over 75% of the world's apple.

It covered an area of 81km². At that time, Dole possessed the whole country and transported thousand of plantations labourers (mainly Filipino immigrants) here. He' re building Lanai City to accommodate the workmen. Today, most of the islands are held by Oracle Corp. Larry Ellison, who in May 2012 entered into an asset purchase contract with the former landowner Castle & Cooke, Inc. for most of the capital (approximately 98%).

As Lanai's inhabitants are very small, Lanai City is the principal place of operation on the isle. The majority of the island's stores and restaurants are in the small squares surrounding Dole Park. Today the tourist industry is very important on the islands. We have two large resort locations, the Four Seasons in Manele Bay on the southern shores of the Isle and the Four Seasons Lodge in Koele near Lanai City.

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