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Forthcoming events at the Lanai Pineapple Festival. When we flew in, Lanai's tiny airport resembled a small houseboat in the middle of a sea of pineapple. The Lanais Pineapple Festival - Dole Park. You can also enjoy it in the recently opened Pineapple Lanai! ANANAS COULD BE ON THEIR WAY TO HAWAII.

Pinapple farm, Lanai and pine apples

It'?s our Lanai: The fragrance of the pineapple plantation is a clear indication of Lanai's historical origins as home to the exquisite tropic fruits and their beauty. The Lanai Pineapple Plantation offers the full flavour of freshness of fresh pineapple in every swimming session and the same health benefits as all our glycerine beans.

Rusty coloured cliffs puzzle the tranquil garden of the gods in Lanai. Indulge in a relaxed massaging session with the gentle flavour of the Lanai Pineapple Plantation for an enjoyable, nourishing and refreshing time. The first cathedral before Lanai, Hawaii (lava tube). Sweetheart Rock, on the south shore of Lanai, is a legendary tale of two people.

It is a beautiful experiance to grow pineapple. The great variety of the Hawaiian landscape amazes me.

Lana'i Pineapple Festival | Activities

Pineapple is the focus of this joint meeting with a pineapple cooking competition with chef Adam Tabura of "Great food truck". Enjoy local fare and handicrafts, home cooking, historic exhibitions, traditional and traditional local folk songs and traditional folk songs from 3 pm to 9 pm in Dole Park. Expedition Ferry is offering a 21:30 drive back from Lana'i to Lahaina.

Hunt in Paradise - Big Game in Paradise

Accompany us to paradise for the hunt of your life. Lanai, a 90,000 hectare area in Hawaii, is without a doubt one of the most spectacular game reserves in the game. We work together to conserve indigenous varieties by involving best practice in managing them and promoting the community economies by bringing a share of all crops to market.

Chase for unparalleled wildlife during your visit, such as Axis Doe and Mufflon Sheep. The Lanai is home to one of the densest free-range stags in the game. Hunter can count on several hundred stags a daily. Hunter are observed and pursued either in a large, shallow plateau known as the Serengeti, or in the precipitous mountain area, which is densely wooded along the lakes.

As an alternative, fighters can also be stationed at strategic firing ranges all over the isle. Contrary to your foreign targets, it is simple to carry your own weapons to this tropical home town.

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