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Hale Keaka's new movies tomorrow! Lanai Culture and Heritage Center; Lanai Art Center. Receive directions, reports and information for Hale Keaka Lanai Theater in Lanai City, HI. The films were silent.

Enjoy wine and food with live music in our covered outdoor Lanai before you settle into your comfortable deckchair in the cinema.

Explorer's Guide Maui: Including Molokai & Lanai: One big goal - Carol Fowler

Explorer's Great Destinations brings the tour book back into the tourbook. Famous for its beautiful sandy beach and friendly families, Maui's stunning scenery and variety of species make it a great place for first-time-timers. They' re full of up-to-date information to help them make the best escape plans. This is a useful instrument before, during and after your trip:

What a show! - REVIEW by Hale Keaka Lanai Theatre, Lanai City, HI

Let's face it, there's not much to do at Lanai City at work. During our stay two films were shown, "Mission Impossible" and "Ant-man". We have two theaters, the performances are every 30 min. Theater 1: Theater 2: Preview the repertoire, as I am sure that the repertoire will vary according to the length of the film.

About the theater we first learned from an essay about the conservation in the Ohana Airways mag. Opened in December 2014, the theater still looks completely new. They seemed to be pleased that you came by, it must have been a good one.

Stuart Paul, Joey Lanai

Finally Song is a romance about a girl fighting to make it in the record business. They are always set up with one degrading performance after the other, each one urging them to throw nearer and nearer to the hanky. That was a pure squandering of effort and resources.

Don't spend your precious energy. I' ve never done a reviewer for a film, but I think I have to say to anyone who thinks about buying this film:): Can' t believe that grown-ups actually took the liberty of making this terrible, nasty pretext of the so-called conversation.

I wasn't impressed at all by this film. It' just once in a lifetime, that's all. Saving your cash. Purchased the film, thought it was sickening. It' a simple, stupid, romantic comedy. There are some fun parts to this whole film, especially the maniac who drags the rickshaw!

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