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Bandar Baru Bangi: During a stay in this hotel there is a choice of activity programmes, including babysitting. Encircled by lush gardens and towering bamboo, the house is an enchanting oasis with outdoor lanai (verandas) for eating and relaxing. Waikiki Shore, the only beach hotel in Waikiki, offers spacious rooms with spectacular views of the Pacific, Fort DeRussy Park and weekly fireworks. Bed & Breakfast with boutique hotel feeling and concierge class service.

Canary Coastline vs. Lanai Coastline - Maui Forum

We' re not leaving for Maui until June, but I start looking for possibilities for one or two trips with a 6-member group ('children 22, 22, 18, 14). I' m looking at the different canoeing trips and wonder if the Canaio coastline (with SWR) or the Lanai coastline (with Captain Steve) is more beautiful?

Snorkelling is less important than the view, but is one of these trips much better for snorkelling in June than the other? I would also like to see sharks and tortoises if one of these tours/locations is better. When you are nearer and want a short trip and don't worry about snorkelling, do the Kanio Coast.

Yeah, you'll see tortoises everywhere that aren't really needed on the journey. Normally the first thing you see on Captain Steve's journey when you leave Mala, they show up everywhere to take a breath, and we usually stop and take a little look. Myself like Teri and went to Lanai many reckon..... but I think only 1 reckon no Dolphin saw... and that was the journey Joan was on.

I was on the SWR cruise to the Canaio shore. We' ve seen a lot of tortoises, but no them. I can' say anything about the Lanai voyage.

Marriott's Maui Ocean Club - Molokai, Maui & Lanai Towers - 173 pictures & 71 reviews - hotels - 100 Nohea Kai Dr, Lahaina - Maui, HI - Telephone number

We stayed, well, folks were great, the room was really great, although it was just a room and there were four of us in all, two grownups and two teens, I think we were ok. The only problem I had was no cuisine, but I could understand why this was the only case, but the personnel and visitors were cute.

Almost every single evening the swimming pool was roomy and hear the sea, how to hit it. We' been to Maui many places, but this place was definitely there. I' m guessing they say if you've been here more than three visits, think of Ohana " that means if you didn't know!

If we ever make it back, we'll hopefully have two bedrooms and a sea-face! It was my second stay here and I was enjoying it, although the wheather was not on my side. Situated in a prime position where you hardly have to go out of the area as everything is within easy walk of.

This 3 star was due to the time-share-premiere. And there was a misconception whether I wanted Marriot points or a residence loan, which made it very disappointing when I got home. Apart from the terrible exchange of times, this place is definitely a place to be. In addition, the reception may degrade a mansion to the sea views if the visitor needs the degradation for ADA-justices.

It is a wonderful place and we have the 1-room apartment with sea and swimming pools views. Staying at the Ko'olina in Oahu was very enjoyable and topical. Otherwise, the place was pretty and the beaches were pretty, but Rocky, so you want to carry them.

It was a divine landscape and we liked to wake up to this wonderful panorama. We' re definitely gonna be back here. MARRIOTT RESORTS IS OUR PASSION! Every moment I was here I liked. Well located, a little further southwards on the Ka'anapoli coast, as quiet as the area around Whalers Village, which is about a 10 minutes?walk.

The plot is located directly on the sea front, with easy entrance to the other areas. It is sandy and fully useable, but no snorkelling or anything interesting to see from the water. These are some of the best services I've seen among all the Marriott qualities I've stuck with over the years.

I had a relatively simple but neat and very practical room in the Lanai Tower. There was a hill and a multi-storey car park and a partial/blocked sea front. The car park infrastructure (two of them) was a little cramped, but not as poor as in the Waikiki Beach in Oahu.

Swimmingpools are also nice, although I wish there was an adult only swimmingpool. In the Welcome Centre you can also choose to receive 25,000 Marriott points or $150 credits for the timesharing conversation. There was no such thing as having enough to do, but I hope, as always, it's a high one.

Magnificent property, has everything you need for all members of the house and very near the sea. In a timesharing sea views, great for a 4-person group ('700/night). The swimming area is great with lots of jacuzzis and funny things for the children. Barbecue and swimming pools personnel were kind and courteous.

It was my good fortune to have 5 overnight stays here in a beautiful room by the sea 2207. As a Platinum Level member, we have earned points for the whole duration of your visit, except for the resorts fees, which include park. It is conveniently located as there are food shops and dining facilities close by and the view is breathtaking.

In September we went to see each other, but some folks said that during the winters this was an ideal place to watch cetaceans as they liked the canal between the sandy beaches here and Molokai. I have a long-term plans to go to the Kauai and the big island before I repeat Maui (we travelled to Oahu in 2015), but when that happens I will try to get our precise room and come back in time.

We' ve been spending a great deal of patience on the balconies! During our sojourn, the master swimming pools were restored, but we were right next to the calm adults' pools and it was perfec. It was a beautiful place and the walking through the estate was the ideal place for a mornings or evenings outing.

We' re not Vacation Club members, but this timesharing was because someone called my guy before we got there and offered him 50,000 Marriott Points when we were sitting through a talk. I was happy that he had it in written form because the timesharing counter had never received so many points from anyone (30,000 seems to be the norm), but we had no difficulty getting the points in our credit.

We' re a child-less family in their mid-thirties who don't really like to celebrate, so this tranquil place was great for us, and as I said - I intend to be back here in the near term, a great holiday! Nice place on the shore. Seven nights check-in and remain in the hotel on Sunday evening.

Ever since I swapped my Marriott Palm Desert CA room, I've exchanged it for a hillwalk. There are shared washing machines and tumble driers, which are complimentary and on the ground floor, which was comfortable, and the mansion was close to the gym, the owners' lounges, several swimming pools and stairs from the sea. There is also a Whalers Village, just a few minute walk from the seafront with several restaurants and shops.

Caanapali Golf is also situated within the boulders and this Marriott has a Starbucks with a breathtaking view of the sea and the shore. It was my first stay in this Marriott Vacation Clubs property and they will start remodeling rooms in August 2016, which is definitely a great place and just a few steps from Kapalua and Lahina's City.

It' probably set the standard for what I want in a room. You can also reach the sandy beaches quickly. and we had a studios with views of the gardens. They were very roomy and came with crockery, a coffeemaker, a small fridge, microwaves, toasters and everything else we needed to comfort.

There is no cuisine but enough space for a 4-person group The swimming area is beautiful and there are many seats throughout the area. Shadows, sun, weed, sandy, swimming pools..... everywhere! Bustling place with many children and a lot to do. It' definitely a great place for families! There are many icemakers at the residence for our visitors.

All in all we had a good period. Being a Marriott Gold Label OWNER (for over 10 years), I don't even know where to start expressing my frustration at our spatial state. Travelling with a child with particular needs (who must keep a fixed timetable for meals) made the meal times disappointing.

The only dustbin into which the dustbin was put didn't work correctly (you couldn't raise the cover with the footswitch because there was a dustbin in it), so every case I had to discard something, I had to remove the cover with my own fingers and then I had to clean my hands!

We had a very chloreographed swimmingpool but by 6 a.m. it was hard to find a shady stool for our one boy who needs shadows when we weren't at least 7 a.m. at the swim. Luckily, Tom (Pool Security) was beautiful enough to get us seats one time.

Otherwise, we couldn't have spent our days by the swimming pools. For years our familiy has been going to Marriott Ko'Olina in Oahu because the rooms are amazing with their fully equipped, fully functional kitchen and overhead ventilators in each room and other swimming pools as well. Sadly, we have chosen to try Maui.

We' re not going back to the Marriott Maui Oceans Beach Club. After staying in many hotels throughout HI, we really enjoy our last stop in Marriott. The 2 balcony was beautiful to open and simply enjoy the view to the sea and the clean outdoors. Home economics and services in the area were flawless.

There was a huge swimming area with 2 waterslides and easy entrance to the sea. Little Krishna loves the children's swimming area with the Pirateship. We had supper at the motel for the evening pools. The Starbucks on site and the free DVDNow rental companies offered other great discounts.

As the little guy went down early for the evening, it was great to get information about films that haven't even appeared on NetFlix yet. All in all, our only complaints were that our visit went too fast! We' re definitely staying back at the Marriott's Maui Ocean Club. Marriott Maui Ocean Club was a very beautiful place.

The majority of Ka'anapali Estates are designed so that you do not have to vacate during your holiday. MMOC (I'm too sluggish to guess Marriott Maui Oceans Club every time) is like this. Since it is located directly by the sea, this could be simple.

I also have a few places to eat (resort rates are fully in effect here: expensive), but I would suggest actually going to the city ( "Lahaina is closest") to find some locally produced groceries and cheaper deals. The Lanai opened on the groundfloor to the road leading to the sea (maybe 25 meters at most).

It' s a very costly way to park, but that's the case with almost every other type of accommodation these days. A really nice thing I saw was near the front door of the building and the foyer was a crate to donate groceries for the area. I' d be here if I was in the spirit to just chill out and not go around the cay.

They evacuated the whole area. The " Gartenblick " room for our Honeymoon is a look at the multi-storey car park. Marriott's really a disappointment here. Truly enjoyable Resort it has a large hands-on swimmingpool with waterfalls, caverns, basketball, volley ball and a super-laidback vibes. Enjoy the views from the sea. The kids used to love the children's pirates' slide area.

I only said 4 star is that the children's swimming pools seemed a little filthy, but hey children are filthy, but it seemed to need a little more care. Unfortunately, after almost 20 years in this place, we have observed how it has worsened. It needs a lot of renovation - the sofas/furniture were not very neat and uncomfortable.

Wardrobes in the kitchen are also old and the place looks soiled. The best thing they have is their position, but first you should review the other places along the shore like Hyatt, etc.. before deciding on the Marriott Ocean Club Maui. We' ve been Marriott's faithful clients for 35 years, but our last visit in April 2016 was far below our expectation.

We' ve slept in many different houses both on Maui and on every other of Hawaii's islands. Marriott Maui Ocean Club is inexpensive, with Marriott rooms in great locations at a decent rate. That would be four stars in all, except for violent pools. I' m guessing Tom, the swimmingpool security dude we've seen most of the while.

The main task is to ensure that visitors do not take artificial poolside seats by letting behind and going away with them. It is a great notion because it makes sure that swimming poolside seats are always available to the person who actually uses them. He' s done a great job of getting two seats per visitor and having at least every minute those who have to be in the swimming pools to keep theirs.

They came and bothered us aggressive one time because we had boyfriends at the swimmingpools. There were Hyatt buddies next to us who kept us company for a few hour, and the guard quoted time and again that the swimming pools were "only for those who stay at hotels". and it' useful to keep non-guests from misusing the swimming pools.

âThis is a timeshare where Marriott is spending a very large amount of money and power to get across to peopleâs properties to sale them on, why they should remain there and buy. The group of 14 persons who were Marriott guests consisted of two owning family and two rental family who paid for four sessions per weeks.

Marriott's own rules allow us to have up to 28 seats at the same table without any complaints. It was raining, draughty and chilly on the particular date, so that half of the deck was empty and no one was in the swimming pools. All our boyfriends never came into the swimming pools, all they did was sit in two seats and pay out cash at the Marriott Bars.

In fact, the safety even went so far as to contact reception by wireless to check each of our identities and that we were there, even though a couple of people at the swimming pools could see that we were there every single working days of the working weeks. There is no real justification why we would ever remain in the Marriott Ocean Club again, given the many other similar or better opportunities that exist, quite simply in the same place.

The Hyatt Residence is virtually next doors newer, better equipped, has better amenities, a better swimming pools and the best water slide on the area. Well done, Marriott! We are hoping that the residence will be a little less careless with the guests' things, because all in all we have a lot of enjoyment and serenity.

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