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That was my worst experience renting a car in Hawaii. Hawaiian live music and hula dancing, as well as craft beer service. Manhattan Lanai Jeeps - 18 Reviews - Rent a Van - 400 07th St, Lanai City, HI - Telephone number

We returned to the airfield. We' ve reserved a car for our daily excursion, but it was broken in the weeks before our arrival (and of course the repair on an isle will take longer because some parts come by boat). It is one of only two places in town - except for a Budget Rent-a-Car - where you can hire jeeps in Lanai.

I had already given up and placed my lease at Budget for about $40 less. She pretended that I was wasting her precious little beloved by having to call her back. Don't hire a car if you don't need a car. We were not allowed to see the 4 places, we went some of the unpaved paths and they were easy to pass in a car.

There' better ways if you go to see Lanai. My mate and I have dreamed of going to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary since we first knew it existed. So....after many tries to leave work for ONE week-end at the same the last one in April was over.

Because it is less expensive, we wanted to stay in Maui and then spend a whole days with the Lanai mice. The AirBnB, hotels, cars for Maui and a Lanai version were hired month in advanced for this use. They called me less than 12hrs before we picked up our Lanai truck to let me know that there was a booking issue.

UNDER 12 HRS. So all she did was tell me to call Dollar Rentals to see if they had any of them. I would have liked YOU to call Dollar Rentals and reserve me a spare car for which I would have liked to have paid the same.

What's fun is, they phoned me sometime after 8pm (I was supposed to collect the jeep the next day at 7am). I' m guessing they think since they're only one of two rented vehicles on Lanai Isle they can get away with shit like this. We' re at the last moment deciding to go around the entire archipelago alone.

But the high dollar rate - the only domestic hire company on the islands - was simply too high. Lucky to have heared about Lanai Jeeps! You had no SUVs available for the same rent for the same night - up to 18:00 and ready. You had a Subaru Crosstrek available for shopping.

We' re driving all over the fucking isle and it was great! Very comfortable rent a vehicle and we were happy to be supporting another one! For the next days we hired a Lanai Cheapjeep on Lanai Isle. He' also told us about the Isle, and we' ve learnt a lot.

Recommended for individual coach-hire. After a short survey of the car Jim from our group of four meets Jim from our fleet and gives us hints about the best places on the beach. It was in good condition and a must during a visit to Lanai.

I' ve got my storage map with all my pictures and our group is really glad to be able to explore it. Thanks cheaper SUVs! We' ll be in contact the next conquest. We had no problem with our renting. I was a little suspicious to hire on the basis of older commentaries, but we had no problem with our renting.

Yeah, it's just money, but that's like a lot of other places on Lanai. Lease has been somewhat simplistic, but also, you are faced with genuine individuals rather than with a large company. Guys at cheep boys are trying to defend themselves, that's all. Yes, the rent is only for one weekday, so make sure you schedule in advance as you will not have it over night.

To be honest, you should be able to meet all 4x4 commercials on the isle in one of them! She was just a nice girl and took her sweetheart' moment to make sure we knew the good places on the beach (we took the hand-drawn card instead of pay for the outlandish one).

It' been pouring all the time, so we got a warning to go into the muds and be cautious to turn around (former customers had jammed a jeep!). If you use it as a car to get to enjoy Lanai on the 4x4 streets, I think you'll be well. I' ve now had the privilege of doing four deals with Lanai cheese cheaper boys.

These are the types of maintenance you will never get from a Hertz, Dollar or Thrifty hire out. But the Aloha synergies you receive from the firm are great and I felt it every single times I showed up on the Isle when I was welcomed by one of its employees with a well-prepared rent.

Our employees welcome you and advise you competently about the best navigation on the islands for you. They didn't have a car for me on every opportunity, but I realized that a car is not the only way to get around the isle.

Each lease was more than able to meet all my needs. Like on any of the islands, there are many destinations, but also some no-go areas. All in all, I am still amazed by the expertise of the employees, the qualitiy of the renting, the renting prices and the Aloha that you won't find anywhere else.

It is similar to anywhere else, so it's no wonder to get the keys signed once or twice before I get them. Because of the finite nature of the island's natural resource, it was also natural to have to give the rent back by 6 p.m. on the last morning.

With Lanai Chapeeps you can expect the best greetings! The best place is Lanai! We picked you up from the boat and had a brand-new automobile! I' ll introduce this by saying that I have travelled some of the Hawaiian Isles on brief journeys and have a lot of rental expertise here.

It was my second visit to Lanai and I had used Dollar Rentals without any problems before. It was a neat SUV. That was my hardest car hire experiences in Hawaii. Neither a lease nor a voucher was received. I' ve been told that the car has a "pair of flashlights " to install the Checkmotor and TPMS.... but I could overlook them.

Before the journey I was indicated for a installment and verified the restitution period with the personnel at the pick up. My holiday went smoothly and I brought the jeep back on schedule. When I sent an e-mail asking for the mismatch, I received a very rude and rude response that the prize was adapted on the basis of my turnaround and then he immediately went on the attack and said that I was responsible for some internal damage.

Since there is no lease, I find it no more than a threatening gesture to keep silent about the higher bill. I would use Dollar Rentals in the near term, where you can rely on the same level of quality services and standards as anywhere else on the continent. Yeah, things are a little bit messy and the lease is a unilateral contract with little information about what happens when damage occurs, but the scam others have been reporting not happening.

If you are renting, ask for a receipts for payment in full, a copy of the lease and confirm that any losses to the business due to hazard lamps that they say do not come at your risk. It sold us a 10 dollar Frankos card, which is probably too expensive, but otherwise it was very instructive, laid-back and the car was in good state.

OK, I'll begin by deciding NOT to hire Lanai Cheap SUVs. That was enough for me when they said they were renting on "calendar day". While the 6:45 am Lanai shuttle may take you there at 7:30 am, you will most likely get the 9:15 am, which will take you there more like 10 am.

So, now you are paying $124-$165 for maybe 8 hour Jeep use! Come on, Lanai is already ludicrously pricey enough, so most people who visit Maui only drive off-road for one or two days anyway. Ianai Cheap Jeeeps has their hire date to extracting the most touristic $ $ $ $ $ $ for the least amount of use.

Walking Lanai Low-priced Jeeps .... It' s no wonder, when everyone else was out of stock, these Joker still had to hire a jeep. I' m just waiting another day when I could hire from Dollar, Lanai Jeep or Executive. What makes it different from this business is that it is family-owned by those who actually take good charge of you.

We' re renting a car from them for a full days on Lanai. Now I wish I had chosen a more serious business, even if the costs mentioned in advance would have been higher. This" company" is extremly unprofessionell. One installment I asked for to hire from midday on Tuesday until midday on Wednesday and was priced $109.

They asked me when I was going to bring the car back and I said I wanted to bring it back around 3 to 4 pm as it would be just before my plane. It was not necessary to have signed any documents for the rent. Even though the car has a motor checklight/tyre inflation alarm which indicates that you should disregard it.....

and made sure it was cleaned. They' re very uncomfortable to treat and I suggest to stay away and use another firm that has a good standing for honesty and professionals. We have had first-class experiences with our cheaper trucks from beginning to end.

We had excellent after sales support, the SUV was brandnew and in perfect working order, and we will definitely use this business again (and commend it to all our familial friends/friends who come to see us). It is a small business that definitely embraces the essence of al-oha. Keep away from this firm, low-cost trucks. I' m renting one of their trucks for a fortnight in August 2016.

They' ll surprise you after you have signed the deal for the jeep. Most importantly, unlike all the other hire firms I have hired, this business does not go through a 24-hour hire policy. This means I ALWAYS hired vehicles so that I bring the vehicle back at exactly the same hour of the morning that I left the parking area a few nights or a fortnight later.

These companies require that you hand in the vehicle the night before the restitution. Even worst, they won't tell you until you have paid them for the jeep. And, what's even more bad, they only take hard currency (again, don't say until you get there), so you can't even go through your payment processing firm to call some of their cargo.

I am sure they will do so that you do not dispute this with your payment processing group! Sure, they were offering me a kama'aina rates (discount for locals of Hawai'i), but my computations show that my discount almost vanished when you consider that I was paying for 15 hrs of a jeep I didn't get to use (not to speak of that we then had to find a way to get to the airport).

It is my proposal to eschew this firm paying a little more at the only other renting firm on the Isle of Lanai (Budget Rentals) because I think at least they are more up front about your compact and you know what you are getting. It definitely takes the benefit of being one of only two distributors on the Isle.

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