Lanai Hawaii Snorkeling

Snorkelling in Lanai Hawaii

From Lahaina we made a day trip to Lanai and visited the island. Notice that most other beaches in North Lanai such as Polihua Beach and Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach) have strong currents, discouraging swimming. about snorkelling with Bottlenose Dolphins. Lanai Island is one of Hawaii's best kept secrets. Sweet water showers, beach mats, deck chairs, the shade of palm trees and one of Hawaii's most beautiful beaches.

The best snorkeling place on Lanai - Review of Hulopoe Beach, Lanai, HI

From Lahaina we made a full excursion to Lanai and visited the islands. By the end of the afternoon, we were at Hulopoe Park. Snorkelling was awesome. Outstanding bath and showers. Situated a few minutes walk from the boat station. I' m happy we hired a vehicle and saw the isle, but next I think we'll just drive to this one.

Situated on the Four Seasons Manele Bay. It is within a short distance from the harbour. It is equipped with simple entrance and car park. Snorkeling on the lefthand side is fantastic. Spend at least a full working days - take the early morning boat (book in advance) to Lanai, go around the bend from the Manele Bay boat dock to Hulopoe Bay and take some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii "and" if you are a good swimmer and the dolphins are there, it will be a delight.

Large beach, nice tidy amenities (including camp site if you like.) and the extra is a free shuttles (from the ferry.) to Lanai township (small funkie town.) for lunches in one of several good restaurants. At Lanai Hotel we spent several nights and saw some great places of interest, but they are separated ratings.

Wonderful sand beaches in the immediate vicinity of the four seasonal beaches at Manuelebay. There are many car parks and some local amenities. On your lefthand side of the shore you can go hiking to some nice bays and arcs. It' a wonderful 80ft show full of Hawaiian legends.

If you approach Lanai from Manele Bay, you cannot see the incredible views from Hulopoe Bay. It' about a 10-minute stroll to Hulopoe Bay. Once you arrive at Hulopoe Bay, take a brief 5-minute stroll on the lefthand side to a gorgeous, remote bay with excellent views of the ocean arcs and Puu Pehe Island on one side.

Wonderful waters and the surrounding area provide a wonderful view of Hawaii's nature at its best! Got to go when you visit Lanai! You ever been to Hulopoe Beach?

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