Lanai Boat Tours from Maui

Boat tours from Maui

Hawaii Ocean Project is an environmentally conscious project that runs a series of tours from the western side of the port of Lahaina. Your tour options include day trips and ferry trips between Maui and Molokai, dinner cruises, sunset cruises, snorkeling tours to Lanai and whale watching. Snorkelling is followed by the Lanai Explorer landing in the harbour of Manele Bay. Go on a full day tour of Lanai, go wherever you want and move at your own pace. There is no other boat that has or circles Lanai more than this tour!

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Cruise from Maui and discover Lanai's side streets and stunning attractions with an experienced 4x4 SUV specialist on this Pineapple Island guideback! Have a 6-hour adventurous trip on the luxuriant and scenic Lanai! On this 4x4 trip your guides will show you around the wonderful pineapple island.

A 45-minute drive by boat from Maui to Lanai. Go on a full-time Lanai trip, go wherever you want and move at your own speed. A professional guidebook will amuse and train you with his thorough understanding of the islands and its past. The Lanai-Maui boat is available at 14:00, 16:30 and 18:45.

Select the required checkout times. Lean back and unwind while an experienced guides shows you the memorable sites of the beautiful islanai. The 3.5-hour trip will take you to the most important Lanai attractions! A 45 -minute trip to Lanai, where you can see the archipelago of Maui County-Maui, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Molokini & Lanai.

Do a half days trip around Lanai with just enough spare hours to see all the important sights of the Isle! The Lanai-Maui boat is available at 14:00, 16:30 and 18:45. Select the required checkout times. Patients with cardiac and circulatory problems are not allowed to take part in this exercise.

People who are with child are not allowed to take part in this activities. It is not suitable for wheelchairs. Any age group can take part in this activities. Please take your voucher with you to be exchanged for your ferry ticket. Patients must register 30 mins. before take-off.

There is no waiting for delayed travellers. Activities may be changed or canceled due to bad wheather or driving condition. There is no transport available on Maui, please make your own way to the port of Lahaina. Ferries can be canceled later in the morning on Lanai.

Cancellation of the ferry must be at the guest's own cost. Pick up and delivery at the port of Manele is inclusive. A $10 per passenger charge will be levied to get back to port if you wish to be taken to another area.

The service performer does not accept any extra transports. Also in Lanai City there is a full break for a full time. If I am susceptible to sea sickness, is the shuttle a cause for concern? Is it advisable to reserve this event well in advance? 2. Do you offer transport on Maui? From Lahaina harbour you will take the boat and when you get to Lanai your tour leader will meet you at Manele harbour when you leave the boat.

They can be left at the port of Manele or at a place of your choice. So how long does the trip by boat take? It will take about 45 min. each way, but can take up to one hours according to sea state. Cancellation after 16:30 hrs on the day, 2 working nights before the event will be charged at 100% of the full amount.

Half days perfection - a lot of driving but many different places and views - all stations are ideally selected to show different types of land and histories. The dryer operator was first-rate.

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