La Orana Bora Bora

The Orana Bora Bora Bora Bora

" Ia orana!" he says and shines from ear to ear as he breaks through the surface. The Ia Orana from the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort. France-Polynesia at its best, a route that includes Tikehau, Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti. Orana Bora Bora: Bora Bora d'hier et d'aujourd'hui = Bora Bora from yesterday and today / par les associations Tamarii no Bora Bora & Matahiapo no Bora Bora.

Orana, just relax in Bora Bora!

Orana: Hi from the Bora Bora Islands!

Hi from the beautiful Bora Bora isles! While I know I've been absent in a few short week's worth of work, I was really engaged in completing the work before I could go on a journey of a life! Both Shipra and I have been looking forward to spend some quality travel away from our jobs, so we have planned a journey throughout the year mainly by mileage and points and with privileged states.

We started this journey of a life that we named Red Carpet Journey about nine nights ago, and we have had some marvellous experience in the last few weeks! First we were both allowed to travel the fantastic Singapore Airlines First Class Suites on the SQ A380 from Mumbai via Singapore and Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Following the great warm welcome from Singapore Airlines, we went to Andaz West Hollywood in Los Angeles, where we had a suitcase validated against my Diamond Suites upgrades from Hyatt. They gave us the keys to the penthouse suites, which still offered some breathtaking vistas!

It was almost as far as the Star Wars debut, which took place at the same Hollywood show! We had a good trip with Air Tahiti Nui to French Polynesia, a long standing goal on our itinerary! Finally, this was at home for a few get-togethers at the InterContinental Bora Bora Thalasso Resort and Spa!

Now it goes from Bora Bora up to the next target. Of course I will be writing in the next few weeks about each of these topics in detail.

Tahitian words and phrases (30)

Why not study some of the words and sentences of Tahiti before going to the scenic isles of Tahiti? The French part of Tahiti is the island's main foreign tongue. It' also the third tongue. Tahitic has a melodious voicing like a hymn of sirens and is very easy with only 16 characters and 1,000 words.

It is very simple to learn the grammar with only five vocals (a, el, i, o, u) and eleven syllables (b, f, y, f, g, i, c, y, c, n, p, i, o, v).

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