English-Finnish dictionary and many other English translations for'kysta'. To find out what kysta means, click here. unscramble letters KYSTA, possible Scrabble & Words With Friends words with letters kysta, anagram of kysta. Kysta village is situated in the south-western part of the eastern Slovak lowlands. Kiszte (Hungarian: Kysta) is a village and a village in the Trebi?

ov district in the Ko?ice region in eastern Slovakia.

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Kyssta (v v minuteulosti Kista, www. kiszte)[4] je obi?ov Slovensku v ekrese Trebi?ov. Registre Obnovej Evidencie Pozemkov[online]. Slovakia ÚGKK SR,[cit. 2011-12-31]. Dostupnee on-line. Po?et Po?et obyvate?ov SR k 31. 12. 2017[online]. Slovakia: Batistický Úrad SR, 2018-03-27. Dostupné up. we-zoznam www. Zoznam www. obcí, maggot a meestských ?astí[online].

Brâtislava : CZECHOSLOVAKIA: ?Ú SR, 2014-11-21. Dostupnee on-line. Vývin v Rookých (1773 - 1997). Brâtislava : See], 1998.

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Free-of-charge meteorological information for Kysta, Ko?ice (Slovakia) Kysta, Ko?ice (Slovakia)

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