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Unfair accusation of K-Pop Star by Photoshop

Narsha, a vocalist and actor, was recently blamed for buying several Instagram photographs because the phone mast was in the foreground. Your phone on the lefthand side is twisted, and the result is that the photograph has been modified to make it look different. A number of image editing utilities, such as those that reduce faces or lengthen solids, accidentally modify the backgrounds.

Koreaboo reported that SBS TV Night of TV Entertainment had the picture reviewed by an independent TV exper. "When the photograph has been processed, the horizontally and vertically aligned rows should move together. Likewise the window sill or the line along the walls should be curved. They are not twisted at all," said the specialist (via Koreaboo).

Then there is the fact that the real phone mast is bent. So Narsha took the allegations with a good step and said that the picture was beautiful. The Kotaku East is your part of the Asiatic web cultural and offers you the latest information from Japan, Korea, China and other countries.

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